20 Tips to grow and care for your beard 2020

The Viking beard is back and no one is going to stop us.

If for you the beard is one of those most important topics to show your masculinity, then you should read this post about 20 Tips to grow and take care of your beard 2020.

Because it is true despite the fact that there are many rumors about beard care, as well as its hygiene, therefore it is important to know several tricks, as well as tips to care for and grow your #beard.

1.-The secret is to take care of the skin

You must have patience to grow your beard, do not focus only on growing it without care or in the areas that do not have hair, since, if you take care of your skin, you can stimulate the growth of facial hair and thus gradually allow your beard grow leafy and more abundant.

It may be that you feel itchy skin, this means that your skin needs hydration, And what is most important to have a perfect beard is to take care of the skin on which it is growing. It is important to keep the skin clean and hydrated, in addition to providing it with the nutrients that will help it grow strong and healthy facial hair .

That's why we recommend using our products specifically designed for skin care and #beard.

There are basic products that you can use for skin care, which also take care of your beard,special soap for different skin types, as well as some treatment to grow facial hair.

2.-Wash your beard daily

There will never be too many times the fact of commenting that you should wash your beard continuously, and just as there are special things in its use, in the same way there are special items to keep your beard clean .

For example, the line of soaps that we have at soymacho.com. If you don't know it yet, take a look at the properties of soaps and how their natural ingredients take care of your beard.

3.-Dry your beard, do not leave it wet

Excess water and moisture damage the hair cuticle as well as the hair follicle. To remove moisture from your beard once you've washed it, use a towel. Do it carefully and take the necessary time, the hair when it is wet is more delicate than when it is dry. Yes, you can also use the dryer a little but with warm air, not hot.

4.- Brush your beard

One of the most basic actions you can take to take care of your beard is to brush it, which will help you keep it under control. Generally one can use a specific brush, usually with special bristles that will help you control the fat on your face and beard , which will bring a more balanced and healthier #skin.

A brush will help you with the hair follicles so that the facial hair grows in one direction.

5.- Choose the beard cut that best suits you

If you are thinking about growing a beard and it is something new for you, we recommend that you investigate a little more about the cuts and styles to leave the boat and wear a style that fits the shape of your face.

But it is also important that you visit a good barber Depending on some factors such as the shape of your face, your type of facial hair, the haircut you use, your height, etc., the barber will be able to recommend the best beard shape for you. go with your physiognomy, because yes, even that is a good detail for you to look as manly as ever.

6.- Help your beard grow strong and healthy

When you are starting to grow a beard your skin, accustomed to shaving, is suddenly covered in facial hair and needs some time to adjust to the new situation. It's normal for it to itch or feel uncomfortable and anything happens to it, you just have to put up with it. One of the solutions is to clean and also moisturize your skin daily with an oil that promotes hair growth.

Also when your beard is already long, it needs you to continue giving it extra nutrition to continue growing healthy.

In any case, you can use some Soymacho.com products for beard growth, there are perfect treatments for you, in which you will undoubtedly discover how to grow a beard.

7.- Keep the skin nourished and hydrated with specific beard products

A healthy beard is the result of healthy skin. For this reason you must keep your beard clean and hydrated with a product for it. This will hydrate and soften your skin to avoid the annoying sensation of itching and flaking, a common problem when growing a beard.

8.- Teach your beard good manners; tame her

Facial hair is easily damaged, the ends break, curl, and in some cases break, to combat all these unwanted effects on the beard, there are products that help your beard stay hydrated and smooth by repairing the cuticle damaged , it also prevents frizz and friction between the beard.

You can discover all the benefits of SoyMacho.com products in products that can help you grow your beard, made with the highest quality ingredients.

9.- Define and shape your beard

If you have a beard that is two or more fingers long, chances are you want to shape it attractively. For this you need a balm for your beard. In addition to moisturizing, balms help shape and make your beard look more attractive, in addition to working as a very soft fixative that give your beard a more natural #look.

There are different types of products that respond to the need of how to grow a beard, it is only a matter of knowing more about your skin type and the type of beard to know which product suits you.

10.- Keep your beard clean at mealtime

There are different types of food, with different ingredients, as well as their consistency, and when eating, accidents can always happen, so the most recommended and the first piece of advice is that you always have napkins within your reach with which you can clean your beard in case your beard gets dirty due to some oversight. Choose dishes that you know will not generally leave residue on your beard.

11.- Use natural remedies with which you discover how to grow your beard

It never hurts to use natural remedies to take care of our health, there are all kinds, and in the same way, there are remedies to take care of our beard and that respond to the need of how to make it grow.

12 .- Lemon and cinnamon on the skin

There are some who recommend that mixing a tablespoon of cinnamon with the juice of a lemon and applying it to the face with your hands helps to have healthy skin, which will help your beard to grow healthier and stronger, it is also indicated that you can leave act 30 minutes and remove with cold water and soap.

It is recommended that this treatment be applied 4 times a week and only at night since the lemon in contact with the sun can stain the skin, which reduces its health.

13.- Exfoliate your face with lemon

Exfoliating the face is not just something for women. This action will help clear out any clogged pores and help grow new facial hair. You can use lemon and sugar, this is a natural exfoliant that is good for the skin of your face.

To prepare it, put two tablespoons of sugar in a cup and add the juice of half a lemon. After you have washed your face, and with your face still damp, apply the mixture with circular movements. Let it act for a few minutes and wash with warm water.

14.- Mask for the beard

Although it is hard to believe, the tomato helps keep your skin clean, in addition to moisturizing and removing impurities , which favors the growth of the beard.

You can apply it by blending a tomato with a little water, until a type of puree is formed. Then apply on the area that covers your beard and let it rest for 20 minutes. Then you can remove it with water, it is recommended that you apply this 2 days a week.

15.- Apply eucalyptus oil

This type of oil helps stimulate facial hair growth . As strange as this may seem. Also, it makes the hairs that are not thick enough reach the volume necessary for the beard to form evenly.

The way to apply is simple. It is about giving a massage with a few drops of oil directly to your beard and letting it act for 15 minutes and rinsing.

That will be enough to help your beard grow.

16.- Use vitamins

It is necessary to know that one must be careful with the various multivitamin products that promise that the beard can grow are not entirely true, but it has been proven that vitamin D can activate hair follicles and vitamin B helps to strengthen facial hair , therefore the use of these vitamins can help you grow your beard.

17.-Scrubs and moisturizers for the skin

As we have been mentioning, having healthy skin is the key to having a healthy beard, so once a week, use an exfoliant to remove dead skin, increase blood circulation in the beard area and stimulate hair growth. . Also, use some kind of moisturizer that will remove dry, flaky skin, which helps eliminate itchiness. Moisturized, clean skin will stimulate rapid facial hair growth and give you a full beard.

18.- Do not shave

There is a known urban myth about constantly shaving to stimulate facial hair growth, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this at least as of yet. Facial hair grows differently depending on which hair follicle it's in, and it's best to follow the advice above and wait four to six weeks to start shaping a beard.

19.- Patience

Not all beards grow the same, and it's important to know how your facial hair will grow. Let your beard grow for four to six weeks without trimming or shaving it frequently. Many men with long beards waited a period of several weeks to enjoy and style their facial hair. This will also let you know your beard style and how it grows.

20.-Sleep well and exercise

It may seem very simple, but these types of habits reinforce the health of the body and therefore its functioning, in addition there are already studies in which these factors influence the good genetics you have, so if you are having problems with how to grow your beard , your health may not be in its best state. Hair also requires a healthy body to grow.

Stress can affect the growth of body hair, and not getting enough sleep contributes to various problems related to skin health.

Other factors

Give up smoking

Cigarettes have many harmful chemicals that affect the performance of vitamins and kill various cells in the body, including those that help grow beards. More studies are still needed to support the harmful effects of smoking on hair, but what is already known is that it contributes to premature aging of the body and therefore affects the development of facial hair.

Correct food and diet

Although it is something that everyone knows, a balanced diet that contains the necessary vitamins and nutrients will make your facial hair grow large and healthy. There are foods rich in protein that will make your beard grow faster, such as eggs, red meat, and fish.


Yes, the beard is one of the primary characteristics of men and is a product of male hormones, some men may suffer from a lack of testosterone, and when this happens it is better to consult a health expert who can prescribe a treatment with hormones. . There are other symptoms associated with low testosterone levels are: erectile dysfunction, infertility and decline in muscle mass.

These points seem simple for how to grow your beard, although these topics seem simple, they undoubtedly have an impact on beard growth, also as some research has progressed, more is known about products such as #minoxidil that stimulates its growth, You can find this at SoyMacho.com

Therefore these 20 tips to grow and care for your beard 2020 , cover more topics about beard care

So as you can see, there are several factors that can affect the growth of the beard, that's why it's important that you take into account 20 tips to grow and care for your beard in 2020. And no, don't worry about stealing glances from girls because of your appearance Man, it's just side effects.

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