7 tips to grow your beard during the coronavirus

Oh yes Baby! The Viking beard is back; a healthy and abundant beard.

For a man, his beard is an important part of his image, and an important element of his masculine appearance. In fact, a well-groomed beard is attractive to many women; It is part of the sex appeal models, well-known actors, etc., and in recent times it has gone from being an archaic fashion to an element of masculine attractiveness par excellence.

But do not be confused, having a grown beard is not the same as having a healthy beard and with the necessary care to make it look like a lion's mane.

For that, you have to ensure that your beard grows without leaving home , and at SoyMacho.com , we are specialists in products for men, of course, we have products for beard care and the best thing , we can send them to you because We have products with home delivery.

If you have been wondering if you should shave or grow a beard in this coronavirus quarantine, we have an answer for you: grow your beard.

Perhaps your beard does not look as abundant as you would like, but with the necessary care, products and remedies, you will soon have Chris Hemsworth 's beard and you will come out of this quarantine bringing out your macho side and we want to help you .

And now, with the quarantine caused by the #Coronavirus , you can have the time you need to take care of and activate beard growth mode.

At SoyMacho.com , we have gathered the best tips and remedies that have helped many members of our community to achieve beard growth during this quarantine and feel like real machos.

To make your beard grow abundant in this quarantine and make you feel proud of it, we share the following tips for its care, since we are the store for men, we have many special products for it.

1. While your beard grows, the secret is to take care of the skin

While your beard grows, and especially at the beginning, it is important that from there you can shape and care for it, so that it grows lush and uniform.
It may be that you feel itchy skin, this is a symptom that your skin needs to be hydrated, which is very important to have a beard and take care of the skin on which it is born. It is necessary to keep the skin clean and hydrated, and to give it nutrients that will help it grow healthy and strong facial hair. Take a tour of SoyMacho.com to learn about our products specially formulated for skin care and #beard.

2. Wash your beard daily

Like any part of your body and especially those that are most exposed, it is necessary to keep it clean, using a soap specially designed for it, which will help you regulate the excess oil on your face and beard, thus achieving skin with a beard. healthier.

3. Shape your beard

If you have a beard of a certain length, you most likely want to give it shape and the maximum possible hydration, for this you need some balm for your beard, which in addition to hydrating, shapes the beard, gives it a natural appearance and takes care of it. . Get to know this and other products that we have at SoyMacho.com

4. Help your beard grow strong and healthy

When you are letting your beard grow, your skin, which was previously used to raking and shaving, needs time to adapt to growth, in fact, it is normal for it to itch or feel uncomfortable. It helps a lot to clean and moisturize the skin daily and anoint it with oil that promotes healthy hair growth .

5. Protect your beard

Facial hair gets damaged, breaks, split ends, and like hair it gets damaged, so you may need to protect your beard from all the effects of dust, pollution, cigarette smoke and other things. And to combat all these unwanted effects you probably need some oil to restore and strengthen it. Get to know what we have for you at SoyMacho.com and discover all the benefits for your beard.

6. Do not use hair shampoo to wash it

Just as the PH of the skin and scalp are different, in the same way facial hair and hair are also different, therefore, it is necessary to have specific products for their hygiene and care. We recommend you always wash your beard every day and with a special soap that takes care of it and does not damage the skin.

At SoyMacho.com we care about the care of the beard and the skin under it, that's why ourbeard soap is formulated with essential oils that combine beneficial properties for your #beard and your skin.

7. Take care of her when eating.

It happens to anyone that when eating, some crumb or food remains in the corners of the mouth, but now imagine that not only this remains there, but also sauces, condiments and others, now contemplate that those residues remain in your #beard Without a doubt, they can spoil it, so it is important that you always, always... always have napkins at hand so that in case of an accident you can clean it and wash it shortly , to keep it clean, healthy and strong.

5 home remedies to make your beard grow in this quarantine

At all times you can take care of your #beard and with these home remedies you can help it grow at this time at home and make this Coronavirus quarantine a period of time dedicated to you and what care is good for you.

1. Brush it.

It is important for the care of your beard that you brush it with some frequency to keep it free of impurities, dust particles and others that can spoil it, as simple as it may seem, it is one of the basic care and remedies to grow your beard.

2. Tomato mask

It may seem strange, but the tomato has very effective nutrient properties to take care of the skin, as well as facial hair. You can learn more about how to prepare and carry out the procedure , your beard will thank you.

3. Use natural oils for her.

Natural remedies always help, such as mamey bone oil, which has vitamins and fatty acids, or castor oil, which can help grow a stronger and more abundant beard, because it helps to solve and prevent skin lesions that can affect to hair growth, it also has omega 3 fatty acids.

The ways of applying it can vary, but in general it is recommended to apply it for periods of time after washing it, in the case of castor, it is recommended at night.

4. Increases testosterone

Facial hair grows due to hormones and in fact, it is considered that some of the cause of limited beard growth may be hormonal, since a lack of testosterone or an excess of estrogen can lead to poor beard growth. Therefore , you can add foods such as leafy vegetables to your diet, such as cabbage, lettuce, escarole, among others, in addition to exercising.

5. Your Macho Side

There are definitely many ways to take care of your beard and make it grow abundantly, and at SoyMacho.com , in addition to sharing these tips with you, we offer you a wide range of products totally designed for us men. Get to know us and let be your Macho Side.

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