He Who Has Good Hair, Gets Everything

He Who Has Good Hair, Gets Everything SoyMacho

A hairstyle makes a difference, in the same way that a beard makes a difference. If you want to look different, modern, seductive and get the best out of your hair, change your hairstyle ; it will be good to experiment. Here we bring you a variety of short, medium and long hairstyles to try and look different. You should research what kind of style suits your face shape best, for example: depending on your face shape, a fuller hairstyle will be better than a short one, a tighter hairstyle will help define the most attractive things about your face. Learn about which cut suits your face best here.

For Short Hair

If your hair is short, but long enough to style, you can try waxes to create texture or lift your hair. This style can be achieved with a wax that achieves extreme hold, so your hair will last all day. Short hair looks clean, adventurous and youthful, take advantage of the style that most identifies you.

For Medium Hair

If you have a medium haircut you can play much more with the texture and especially the volume . All of these styles comb the hair back. Usually this cut has little hair on the sides and a lot of hair on top of the head. A pomade can help add shine and hold to your hair. Medium hair looks sophisticated and highly attractive , it can be used from very casual moments to black-tie events.

For long hair

You can grow your hair out and leave it down, the most noticeable change will be when you put it up, this style is more natural, trendy and looks great with a beard, although it can be used without the beard. The product that we recommend you buy for this hair style leaves the hair conditioned and manageable. Long, voluminous hair looks strong, protective, intimidating ; such as the mane of a lion or the fur of a wolf ; If you identify with some of these alpha animals, this is the hairstyle for you.

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