Fashion decisions that will make you go bald

Fashion decisions that will make you go bald

We all have a certain fear of going bald, but over the years there have been several fads that have helped us lose strength in our hair and we had no idea what was happening.

Everything we did to look cool, she comes to hunt us down like the Blair witch, so I write to you in an emergency call and it's simply so that you don't keep doing it, even though there are some outfits that look incredible, the most recommended is that you don't look like 50 to 30. So pay attention.

Beanies or hats.

This fashion was very strong in the early 2010's, the fact of using a hat causes your head to stop flowing as much blood as it should, in addition to changing its temperature so it can generate a "disease" that is called Traction Alopecia. In which the hair is put under stress so that it starts to get thinner and thinner over time. Anything that causes more stress damages your hair, so be careful.

SoyMacho Beanie

man bun

The famous bun that became fashionable in 2015-2016 can be a serious cause of hair loss for some people, at the moment in which they tend to tighten your hair more than normal, you develop that your follicles get hurt and leave losing a little more hair.

Man Bun SoyMacho

The effect and reason is very similar to what happens when you do the Man Bun, as you pull your hair back, you may experience hair loss on the forehead and sides as you pull your hair back more each day .

Man with Braids SoyMacho

As it is a fairly new fashion, we don't really know the effects, but doctors have told us that during the next two or three years we will realize how these fashion styles, which look very good, are going to cause us to have to buy products to thicken or grow our hair.

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