What beard style suits your personality?

The beard is a symbol of patience, vigor and virility, it forms the essence of manhood. The beard is often the center of criticism as it became a requirement for men to determine their manhood. This is evident from the fact that a growing number of corporate environments are fine with their male workers polishing a well-groomed beard.

The number one concern in any business setting is ensuring your beard isn't too messy, long and fluffy to scare off customers. Since growing a beard complements the inner feeling of the professional, but taking care of a beard is such a challenging task that we have decided to tackle the problem and provide some professional beard styles for men that help show off your manhood.

stubble beard style

It is easy to care for and maintain. At the same time, you will have a clean presentation and, without a second thought, you can polish it while you are in the office or from the comfort of your home while doing home office. This beard style is also known as stubble and can be easily styled by changing the length and changing the covered region. A simple beard oil can provide nourishment and shine, which enhances the beard. The shirt works great on this type of beard style.

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Van Dyke Beard Style

This style of beard is very acceptable for men and is commonly greeted with praise from women. This trendy beard can help you hide that short chin by elongating your face .

The cheeks should be clean shaven and the sideburns should be kept short to accentuate this beard style. Van Dyke is suitable for people with a square or round face.

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goatee beard style

The goatee beard consists of a thin strip of hair on the chin along with a thin fringe on the jaws to precisely highlight the sharp jawline. It would be because a sharp chin puts more attention on the goatee. Make sure it's not too long to follow the rules of the business world .

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french beard style

Another timeless beard style for men, this trend is especially appropriate for people who work in senior positions.

The beard around the lips should grow to a medium size and precisely the rest of the face shouldbe clean shaven . The French beard can be varied by changing the width, thickness and length of the beard. A wide face can have a wider coverage to precisely fit the style properly. Jagged breakouts can also be incorporated to precisely separate the chin hair from the mustache and precisely create the illusion of having two separate components.

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Soul Patch Beard Style

The soul patch can be kept or removed depending on exactly the width of the chin. A smaller chin could do without this style, but a wider chin would basically require a soul patch to prevent a large gap in the skin from showing under the lips.

Believe it or not, beard styles for men say a lot about their personality. But of course, don't be too serious , you can try these styles or create your own. good luck!

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