Win a Beard Kit!

Do you think that because you have a beard you already look good? Well, no, and even more so if you don't take care of it as it should be, nobody likes a man with a dirty beard, and when I say this I don't mean the 3-day beard, I mean the beard that smells and looks wrong.

But I did not come to scold you or at least to make you angry, on the contrary I am willing to give you this kit so that you have your beard as God intended…. Do you want to know how to earn it? You are going to have to wait about 2 minutes for me to explain what each of these products that we are going to give you is for.

Product number 1 Balm 5% - this product helps you to close any holes you have in your beard, in addition to making the beard grow where you do not have it, so it is essential for your beard to be even.

Product number 2 Beard comb - it is very important to brush your beard whenever you can as it is the only way to ensure that your beard is smooth like the beard of zeus

Product number 3 Mustache wax - if you have a mustache it is very important that you comb it, take a little wax with your fingernail and rub it between your fingertips, then apply it to the mustache to shape it

Product number 4 Beard Tonic - you must nourish your beard daily, apply a few drops in your hand, rub them until they warm up and apply it directly to your beard.

Product number 5 Pomade for hair , this point is very important, remember in our last video that a good beard cannot exist without a good haircut, because since you have the cut you must have a pomade to comb it.

So now you know how all these products are used and going back to the main part for which you saw the whole video, the father part is coming, in order to win one of these 3 kits, all you have to do is subscribe to the channel, give us share and like the page of our friends from Don Porfirio... that easy... all the links for that can also be found in the description below. We will announce the winner in 2 weeks, through our video so stay tuned

always a taste

Frederick G.

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