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Goutama is a Mexican brand, all our jewelry is handmade by Mexican artisans, who every morning before starting their activities perform a meditation to be in perfect harmony and thus be able to transmit our best vibes and energy to the people who use our pieces.

All the materials we use are of excellent quality, we like to use only the best in each of our designs.

The colors and semi-precious stones of each different model have meanings and properties that help us on a daily basis. We have a special model for you!

Silver Buddha with Brown skin

  • Buddha pendant and brooch in rhodium plating
  • leather strap


  • Silver plated brooches
  • stainless steel wire
  • Semi-precious stones: onyx, malachite, turquoise, hematite, red coral, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli.

Golden Buddha with black skin

  • Buddha pendant and brooches in gold plating.
  • leather strap

Silver Buddha and red double skin

  • Buddha pendant and brooches in rhodium plating
  • Double leather strap

Bright Light Turquoise

  • Silver plated brooches
  • stainless steel wire
  • Semi-precious stones: turquoise, hematite and amethyst.


  • Plate and details in gold bath
  • braided waxed rope
  • Semi-precious stones: turquoise, onyx, malachite, tiger's eye.

We are a young brand, founded at the end of 2015, lovers of Buddhism and Eastern philosophy.

We believe in the beauty of passion, joy and transcendence. We like to think that we can help society find the peace of mind and emotional stability that are so difficult to maintain today.

Use & Care

To keep your Goutama pieces in perfect condition, try not to get them wet and avoid contact with perfumes and lotions.

Semi-precious stones can vary in sizes, shapes and colors.

Find all our models and place your order at SoyMacho .

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