Are bearded men more likely to get coronavirus?

What does our Viking beard make us more prone to coronavirus?

As the pandemic caused by the #coronavirus advances throughout the world, countries and societies are becoming aware of how the #virus behaves and the ways in which it is transmitted, and in the face of all this, several possible means of contagion as are our warrior beards.

Are bearded men more likely to get coronavirus? Although to many of us the #beard seems harmless to us, they give us style and reflect our masculinity, in these moments of health contingency, a great controversy has arisen at the international level, since there are those who assure that, given the characteristics of the virus, facial hair is one of the potential transmitters of the #coronavirus.

To date, it is known that Covid-19 is too large to be transmitted through the air, however, it does survive for several hours on surfaces. That is why the importance of cleaning and disinfecting everything that may be in contact with the hands, since it is mainly through them that viruses and bacteria reach the mouth, nose and eyes and from there it reaches the contagion by coronavirus . in the organism.

Continuously touching your face, without washing your hands or without keeping them clean continuously with antibacterial gel , increase the probability of contagion, since the virus can enter through the nose, eyes or mouth, and that is already proven, but in the recent weeks there is talk about a new assumption: the man's beard .

There are some studies that could corroborate this assumption, which are linked to the presence of beard against bacteria and some diseases.

Although facial hair was known to be quite effective in warding off disease in the first place, in fact its primary function is protection. For example, only the hair on the nose and the mucosa serve to prevent bacteria and other small bodies from entering the system, and contrary to what was once thought, in addition, a BBC investigation discovered that in the facial hair of the beard, certain microbes were found that help kill bacteria, as if they were some kind of antibiotic, quite interesting.

In subsequent studies in the US a few years ago, a different perspective was shown, indicating that men's beards were a source of bacteria and other elements that could be the origin of diseases.

There are not many clinical studies that delve into the causes of risk, it is pointed out that the main reason for this contagion statistic is previous illnesses.

There is a relationship speaking of the statistics in Mexico and since the first days of the virus contagion in Mexico, the new coronavirus was appearing more frequently in a certain profile of the Mexican host: men between 35 - 40 years old, and in the death rate, it's higher in people over 60 with diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, so we'd better get fit and healthy.

So, are bearded men more likely to get coronavirus? According to information from the Ministry of Health, in recent days Covid-19 affects more men between 25 and 50 years old. 58% of the confirmed cases are male, and although a greater number of cases are recorded between 30 and 34 years old, until last April the average age was 44 years, indicating that the number of infections in men than in women.

And despite the fact that there is not so much clarity regarding contagion through facial hair, that is to say that the #beard of a certain length can carry the virus, it is important to have hygiene measures, since the contagion of the virus is similar to that of the flu seasonal, through the 'drops' or residue expelled by an infected person when sneezing or coughing and this can stay in the beard.

That is why at we share with you these recommendations to try to be clear with the question: Are men with beards more likely to get coronavirus? and help you be healthier, in addition to avoiding contagion of the virus.

5 recommendations so that your beard is not a risk of contagion by coronavirus

Recommendation 1.- Keep your hands clean when contacting your beard

It is recommended that you touch your beard as little as possible, however if at times the habit is a lot, wash your hands or clean them with antibacterial gel

Recommendation 2.- Wash your beard well

This is essential, if you are going to grow your beard, you must keep it clean by washing it continuously, at, there are various products that you can buy to keep it very clean.

Recommendation 3.- If you can keep it at bay

It will be necessary to brush it to remove impurities or residues, and take special hygienic measures with it, for example when sneezing, coughing, among others.

Recommendation 4.- Use special soap for your beard

It is important that you can wash it constantly and if possible, use a special soap for it, since at the end of the day, it is facial hair and may require special care.

Recommendation 5.- If you wear a mask, tame your beard

In case you need to go out and wear a mask, tame your beard, that is, keep it as short as possible, taking care of the ends, as cases have been found where facial hair can pierce the fabric.

We hope that with these recommendations we have been able to answer the question : Are bearded men more likely to get coronavirus?

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