What is better soap or shaving cream?

What is better soap or shaving cream?

We know that there is a trend which we cannot stop, some are even calling it a mega trend, which means that it is a trend which breaks with the lifestyle of any society and nothing and no one can prevent it, with this mega trend we mean to the beard and its new ways of leaving it long or shaving it in some way or style, which human beings of a decade ago were not used to.

Every day we get more and more questions to our portals and chats, asking 10,000 questions which are completely valid, we try to grab all of them and start answering them as soon as possible, but this is a question that we said; it is necessary to make an entire article! Since many people asked us and we know that they are not the only ones.

What is the difference between soap and shaving cream ?

Advantages of Shaving Soap

  • A little more foam and more rigid, which creates a greater "cushion" between the knife and the face. It is more slippery, which makes the blades glide faster and easier through the skin.
  • They give you much more control. From start to finish, to control the foam. It's almost like cooking. You determine how fast, forceful and long you manipulate the soap, so you can create exactly the kind of lather you like.
  • You control the thickness and volume. However, that also means that you require a bit of experience. So if you're new, finding a good face wash and learning how to use it can take some time.
  • They are generally a better investment. Shaving creams are essentially pre-lathered, shaving soap will last you much longer than shaving cream, making it more cost effective.
  • Shaving soap is cooler. This is part of the experience we have mentioned. When you shave with soap, it's not just a feeling of satisfaction. Needless to say, it is a very different experience than the foam of a Gillete “shaving cream”.

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Advantages of Shaving Cream

  • They are basically soaps that have been emulsified with water, sparkling and pre-whipped creating foam. Therefore, it stands to reason that shaving creams are much more convenient than soaps.
  • Shaving creams also tend to give a bit more protection, which is why the foam product is preferred by many connoisseurs of shaving safety.

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With this said, I think that now you can make a decision about what type of foam to create for your best shave.

always a treat

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