The Hangover Cure

The Cure for Raw SoyMacho
You had a great time yesterday, you went out with your friends, you met a pretty girl, and your best friend Xavier bought a few rounds of beers. However, the night is over and what remains is
the harsh reality . You woke up to the sound of your alarm because you have plans for today, however, you are dying of exhaustion. Here we give you several solutions to recover from that unfortunate experience and continue with your regular chores.

1.Get up from bed and have a Splash

The first step to feel better is to get out of bed, it may be that you are too lazy to look for something to eat in the kitchen, brush your teeth or go to the bathroom and release the accumulated liquids. Start little by little by stretching your legs and trying to sit on your bed and then find what you need to feel better. Then use the anti hangover splash to refresh your face and its appearance, this way no one finds out about your long and intense night.

2.Seek Hydration

What you are looking to do is hydrate yourself and the water or coconut water will help you reduce the headache, caused by the dehydration of your body after drinking large amounts of alcohol. If your face suffered a lot in the process last night, use a green tea mask to feel like new.


3. A Cold Shower

It is very likely that after a crazy night with a lot of alcohol you still have the bad smell on you. For this reason it is better that you take a bath. Also, by taking a shower you open your pores and relax the muscles that are now tense from what happened the night before, being clean will always help you feel better.

4. Put Something in Your Stomach

Foods like eggs, grapes, and bananas will give your body the nutrients it lost and now need, like protein and potassium. Another dish that will make you feel good is chicken broth, this is perfect for nausea and if your stomach can't handle a lot of strong food.

5.Take Advil For Headache

If you have a very bad headache, take something for the pain. Ibuprofen can be ideal to combat body aches or headaches, try to eat beforehand to avoid stomach pains

6. It is better to avoid than to have to remedy

Now that you've remembered how bad a hangover can be, take responsibility for your actions and avoid a bad time early. When you plan to drink a lot of alcohol, eat a good plate of food before going out, in this way the effects of alcohol on you will not be as intense. Contrary to what many people suggest, fatty foods are good for preventing a hangover, but not a cure. In other words , fatty food can help you BEFORE you start drinking, but NOT after you've drunk a lot. The next day after drinking a lot, the stomach is still full of alcohol, if you decide to consume fatty foods this can cause heartburn, stomach pain and at this point you do not need to feel worse than you already feel.

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