The truth about the 7 great beard myths

There is a lot of misinformation circulating in reference to the beard. As more and more men embark on the route to having an enviable beard , rumors spread and myths are perpetuated, to the point that even the most veteran beards find it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. We are here to clear up this confusion.

Let us proceed to debunk seven of the biggest myths we have encountered. Do you know of any myths that we have not listed? Write us in the comments at the end of this post.

Myth #1: The beard “itches”

The start of your beard growth can be awkward. When beard hair begins to sprout, it can be itchy and irritating. This itching is aggravated if your beard is 'chinese' or wavy, causing it to 'return' to the skin causing itching. Despite everything, after about a month, the itching that the beard causes gradually decreases.

To drastically reduce itchiness and itchiness, take care of your beard ! Wash it daily with beard and mustache shampoo , and rinse afterwards, and work your beard with a few drops of beard and mustache oil or tonic . It sounds simple, but these steps will allow your face to feel hydrated, comfortable and free of irritation.

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Myth #2: Beards are more uncomfortable in the summer

On the contrary! Beard and facial hair protect your skin from the sun, keeping you cooler. We give you a good tip for which you will be grateful to have a beard in the summer: take a spray bottle and spray fresh water on your beard . This turns your beard into an ' air conditioning ' unit, and will lock in moisture and give you a cool feeling.

Another great benefit of having a beard and mustache is that it gives you protection from the sun's harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays.

Myth #3: Beards grow evenly

In each area of ​​your face the beard grows at a different speed. That of the chin tends to grow faster, while on the cheeks the growth of the beard tends to be slower. If someone would have you believe otherwise, it's because many men shave the fullest areas, to keep the beard even, and appear to grow at the same rate all over the face.

Our suggestion is that you let your beard grow a little longer, and adjust and reduce the beard and mustache , to achieve a much more even appearance.

Myth #4: Shaving your beard makes it grow thicker.

Many dermatological studies have confirmed that shaving does not alter or modify the thickness of facial hair. What shaving does do is give the appearance of having a thicker and thicker beard, since it is tightened at the end. When you cut the hair shaft , the thickest part of the hair is exposed, in the area closest to the skin. That makes the beard 'look' thicker, but it isn't.

If you shave your beard and mustache close, you really are going back to square one. The beard grows an average of 13 millimeters per month, which means that you will have to wait a few months for the beard to reappear.

Myth #5: The beard contains 'shit'

In 2015, the headline “you have shit in your beard” was the topic of the moment everywhere. The real story happened in the state of New Mexico, USA, where a local news reported that a microbiologist found enteric bacteria in the beards of gentlemen. It's not shit really! Enteric bacteria exist in many places, including throughout your digestive system, on your skin, and throughout nature, including food. In addition, it does not present a risk to your health.

In fact, your beard may be more hygienic and resistant to bacteria than a freshly shaven face: In 2016, researchers found that freshly shaven men are more likely to harbor infection-causing bacteria than bearded men. These researchers argue that this is due to the micro-abrasion caused by shaving on the skin.

The samples taken showed the presence of microbiomes that actually killed the bacteria around them. Dr. Adam Roberts of University College London is applying these microbiomes in antibiotic development

Myth #6: Men with beards should shave before a job interview.

There are some professions – the restaurateur, for example – where having a beard is not ideal. But in general, over the years, employers are more willing to accept the preferences of having a beard and mustache . Even the US Army and the New York Police Department have recently accepted that their members grow beards . Very few recruiters will exclude you for having a well-groomed and styled beard.

In addition, a well-shaped beard will make you stand out among all the interviewees.

Myth #7: There are areas where a beard will never grow.

Back to myth #3, different parts of your beard grow at different rates. So if you have any hairless spots for the first few months, give it time. It will eventually fill up. Practice patience, and you will see the reward in due time.

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