What They Really Notice

What They Really Notice SoyMacho

What is the first thing women notice about you?

Ah… I ask myself this all the time, but after a lot of research and input from ex-girlfriends, my sister, and a few (Tinder) friends, I've come up with a short list that sums up this ongoing mystery. What do women notice when they see you walk by?

1. They look at you from head to toe

When you look at a woman you look at her from any angle you can so I assure you that they go along the same line in several things, such as the body , the bubbles , the back, especially how you dress. All women are attracted to men who know how to dress well. Your attire will greatly influence that first impression, so make sure you throw out your old shoes and get yourself some dirt-free ones that won't show through after many years of use, the same goes for your shirt and pants; always be presentable, you can combine your clothes with your favorite accessories. Remember that being in shape will help you look better in the clothes you wear, exercising never hurts.

2. An Attractive Smile

If you look at her with interest and smile at a woman, they are saying: "You can come closer to me, I want to come closer to you." This creates the pavement to new possibilities. Express security and presence, be yourself If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth look for our tips for whiter teeth .

3. Personal Care

After getting a little closer, women pay close attention to body odor, breath and above all they look at your nails. You don't need to go get a manicure, but cut and polish your fingernails and toenails from time to time to prevent dirt buildup, and so they don't look like animal nails .

4. The way you talk

Admit it, have you ever met a beautiful woman who as soon as she said the first word damaged the illusion, it's really sad. Well, women look at how you express yourself and the topics or comments that start to come up. Show him that you know how to listen and that you have extensive knowledge of universal culture. Also, if you are a man with a good sense of humor try to make her laugh, you will do very well, charge up guys.

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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