Men with beards are more desired

Men with beards are more desired

What is it about a man's beard that makes women find him so attractive? Is the Beard so important for women? And if so, why aren't more women throwing their suitors away, in search of a man with a more masculine beard ? Studies on the subject suggest that beards and their length can give an idea of ​​the commitment of some women to that man. From the casual fling to the one night stand, from the short no-strings relationship to the long-term relationship, these women who date bearded men have a message for you.


Scientific studies have suggested that women who date men with or without beards create a commitment that directly affects their love life with a man. The study was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology titled "The paradox of masculinity: facial masculinity and beards interact to determine women's appraisals of men's attractiveness . " It surveyed 8,520 women on the effect on them of looking at men in pictures without beards , men with short beards , men with long beards , and men with full beards who then recorded their response. These women were divided into three groups. The first group was asked to rate the photographs from beardless men ( without beards ) to men full of beards to know the sexual attractiveness that caused them. The next group was asked to rate the same photographs of beardless men to full bearded men on their desire to start a short-term relationship or an affair. The latter group was asked to rate the same photos on their desire for a long-term relationship, denoting the potential for a serious relationship or marriage. The uncovered findings, based on initial expectations, were that when it came to sexual attractiveness, men with short to medium beards were seen as the most attractive. While men who were clean shaven ( no beard ) and men with very long beards were rated as the least attractive.

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The Flirt at

...women with expectations of an affair or one night out rated men with short to medium beards as the sexiest, followed by men with long beards .

However, women with expectations of an affair or one night out rated men with short to medium beards as the sexiest, followed by men with long beards . However, women with expectations of a committed relationship with a view to marriage considered men with full beards to be the best candidates to be with them. Why do these findings provide insight into a woman's expectations and her choice of a member of the opposite sex? I think a woman's initial expectations for a casual affair or one night stand is that a man who is clean shaven ( no beard ) or has a very short beard is perceived as lacking in care and commitment. They denote a sense of careless or chaotic intentions about your future. Women may perceive living in the moment and expect these men not to seek contact after a short time.


The study clearly extrapolates that there is a quantitative difference between hookups, uncommitted relationships, and long-term relationships. When women get over the physical and extremely temporary relationship, they have less need for physical stimuli and move on to a more meaningful or serious relationship. However, at this point in their lives they may simply be looking for a relationship with a view to a real one. The range of commitment can vary based on your degree of need for physical characteristics versus "emotional characteristics." On the contrary, regardless of a woman's level of commitment, over time she will see if she needs or expects a higher level of commitment and, if the man is not ready or willing to meet that expectation, she can find a man more suitable to her. your needs or expectations.


What makes women think a bearded man is so deep? Is it because this signals to the opposite sex that you are patient, calculated, defined and composed? Studies have shown that bearded men personify the confidence and reliability of the opposite sex. This may be due to the fact that women feel that a man with a well-shaped beard could provide them with a sense of security. Also, it may be because a man with a full, groomed beard conveys an image of quality, high standards, and commitment.

Beard and Engagement

Women looking for a committed partner are looking for a man who can provide them with a sense of stability.

Women looking for a committed partner are looking for a man who can provide them with a sense of stability. They want to know that the same man who will watch over their home at night will also wipe the tears from their faces and comfort them when they are sad. Another aspect could be that a man with a full and groomed beard can provide a feeling of being dominated. This concept is not merely an idea in the air, but rather shows a sense of responsibility or belonging. However, when he seeks this domain, he seeks to convince himself that the only person he seeks to possess is her. This sense of possession can help assure you that this man with the full, shapely beard is looking for a home rather than a house . This is because a man who imagines a dwelling as a home, rather than a house, sees it as more than just a structure he inhabits. He sees this house as a home not because he resides in this house, but because of the people who reside in it with him. Also, a man with a full and groomed beard shows an instinctive and calculating mindset. This mentality gives a sense of moral condition, conviction and quality. For example, a popular quote says, " A wise man can be found alone where a weak man can be found in the crowd ." This is due to the fact that you are looking for quality rather than quantity.


A woman's attraction to her counterpart is a direct reflection of her expectations of that person. Whether it's a casual fling, a committed or non-committed relationship, a woman will make the best decision possible based on her perception or that man's intentions based on her appearance. Ultimately, in a world where a woman has to reconcile her needs with first impressions, such as in a job interview, her beard , or her ideal man's lack of a beard , can tip the scales for her next conquest.

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