The Best Gifts For The Old Man

Father's Day I'm Macho

The Best Gifts For The Old Man

The saying goes from like father to son, and you may not accept it, but surely you have many things in common with your father, be it in the way you are, musical taste, hair, eyes, etc. So, if you know how to look good with our products, take your father on the path of good . Don't you know what to give dad or haven't you got anything for giving you life? Don't worry, you're still in time to surprise him. At SoyMacho you can get that perfect gift for him. We will give you gift ideas; perfect kits for hair, beard and skin better than the competition. Order your products on time so your dad doesn't run out of a gift.

Teach him how to take care of his beard

A good machine doesn't hurt, especially if your dad's machine is as out of date as he is. Do him this little favor and get him a perfect machine for him. Take advantage of the fact that many of the machines are at a reduced price. Here you win and your old man wins.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Rosemary and honey is what Dad is going to smell while keeping his hair. This shampoo is perfect for leaving those 3 little hairs on top of the skull in their place, because you know dad doesn't accept that he's bald... yes of course, whatever you say.

Anti Aging Kits

This is a subtle way of telling him that he is getting old and every day he is more of a passerby than a person. Smooth those fine lines with these anti- aging kits , it's the latest technology straight from the fountain of youth.

Mustache Kit

If your dad is more of a mustache than a beard, get him a kit that can back him up. In this kit you have everything you need to take care of your mustache.

Beard Kits

Here you have the perfect gift at a discounted price.  This Beardman- Berad Kit includes 4 personal care products plus 3 beard trimming and styling tools.


It is the quintessential accessory among men, one cannot have too many watches, so get him one that he needs, for example, a sports watch or an everyday casual watch . Choose the most suitable for your lifestyle

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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