Tips to have perfect hair

Tips to have perfect hair

Do you want to know the difference between someone who looks good and someone who doesn't? it's very simple, someone maintains themselves and someone doesn't, people eat or at least try to eat healthy so that at the end of the year or on those vacations they look good. But what happens with everything else on the body, especially the hair, people get a cut and wait until it looks bad to go again and it's a vicious circle since certain cuts have time to live so we're leaving to give some tips so that you look perfect 365 days a year.

Tip #1 - Go get a haircut.

Don't wait until it looks horrible and you can't style it, a short haircut needs less than 4 weeks before it becomes disfigured and loses all style, so go before it's too late. A medium haircut typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

Tip #2 - Who makes the cut also matters

Find a good stylist who understands what you are asking of them and more importantly understands that your face and style is different from the other cuts they do. The best thing you can do is listen to recommendations from people who have a good style or who you think look good, also ask what products you should use with the cut and style they made for you (we can help you with that) and most importantly Don't be elbow! remember that cheap is expensive, so don't skimp on the cost of the haircut.

Tip #3 - Know your style

Knowing the length and texture of your hair is important, use one of our blogs or images to find the style you like, obviously if you are a person with curly hair don't get your hopes up with straight hair styles.

Tips to have perfect hair

Tip #4 - Practice and don't be afraid to experiment

Play with your hair, use different products and only then can you have a unique style

Tip #5 - Products

No matter what style you choose, you will have to use products so make sure it is of excellent quality or when you no longer have hair, you will not be able to have a different style. If you have doubts, you can write to us at and we will advise you on what product you need.

Tip #6 - Take a Bath!

It is a tip that you probably already knew but the most important thing is the fact that you should not bathe very often since your hair does not have to be so clean, if one day a week you do not rinse your hair there is no problem, moreover, it does him good.

Tips to have perfect hair

Tip #7 - Conditioner

At least once a week you should use conditioner, no matter the length of your hair, this will help it grow healthier, shinier and stronger.

Tip #8 - A good diet

Many people say “you are what you eat” because this does apply to your hair since many of the nutrients you eat are reflected in your hair.

Tip #9 - Embrace change

Changing your style even a little during the weeks can give you a fresh look and be up to date, by this we mean that you are not the same every day and the effort you make to look good is noticed.

Tips to have perfect hair

These tips will help you to have healthy hair and healthy hair is noticeable later in your style. Try it for at least a month and you will see the differences.

always a treat

Frederick G.

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