How to stay sane during quarantine?

I want to talk to you about why it is important that you maintain your personal hygiene routine and other daily routines during quarantine.

We know it's tempting to let go and neglect yourself since you're not having contact with other people or going anywhere. 

The truth is that not bathing and being in pants/pajamas is the most tempting and most comfortable thing in the world, which is fine to do from time to time, but to maintain your sanity during this time, it is key that you continue with your daily rituals and routines. .

Staying without a plan or itinerary, in isolation and without something to do, becomes a perfect recipe for depression.

I leave you some tips to deal with those low moods, whether in quarantine or isolation and thus stay sane and not lose your mind.

Your grooming routine is just as or more essential now than before we started this quarantine

Continuing to care for your beard, hair, and skin as you normally do is a necessary part of maintaining a sense of normalcy, and it's good for you, too. Or take advantage of this time and experiment with a style that you would not normally try or longer treatments for your skin or hair and even those dreamy shaves that you only get in a spa when you travel.

Follow as many morning (and evening) routines as you can

If you keep a diary, exercise, meditate, drink coffee at the kitchen table, etc. in the morning, keep doing those things. Although it seems little, it helps mint to feel normal.

Do things as you normally would

For example, if you always drop your briefcase out the door when you get home from work, drop your briefcase out the door at the end of your work day; this will also help you fight the temptation to continue working after hours.

plan your week

Make an itinerary of what to do in the week. Make weekends different, even if that means something simple like making a more elaborate breakfast or doing a more complicated project like painting a room in the house. This combination of structure and variation helps keep you stimulated and prevents you from falling into low spirits.

Take care of Social Networks

Use social media wisely. Without a doubt, social networks are a good distraction when you are isolated. But resist endlessly browsing Facebook and Instagram; that won't really meet your need for connection, but it has been shown in some studies to actually make people feel left out or "less than." Instead, use social media to connect meaningfully. Schedule weekly (or even daily) group video chats with friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. Social connections are one of the most important drivers of your well-being.

be a help

One of the best mood boosters is helping others. Get closer and connect with that person you feel vulnerable during this time, whether by phone, chat, mail or any means, of course taking care of social distancing.

If you work from home, set up a designated workspace

If you can, turn an entire room into an office in your home. Having a place to "go to work" helps keep distractions at bay and keeps you productive.

get out of your house

If you can go out every day while practicing social distancing, do it, vitamin D is essential for the body and skin. The best provider is the sun.

If you can't get outside, try one of the many exercises available online to keep you active.

    Keep your sanity and don't miss us because by finishing this we have to be stronger than ever.

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