Improve Your Skin In 6 Steps

The skin is the largest organ of your entire body, you have it from head to toe. This body is responsible for protecting against internal and external problems. Your skin is like a
sponge, it absorbs everything it can, for this reason you should choose products that are natural and do not cause irritation or allergic reactions. For this reason, you owe a lot to your skin, the least you can do for it is take care of it, clean it and moisturize it constantly. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, you don't have to invest in expensive facials, or appointments with the dermatologist (unless you have a skin condition, in which case yes). If we watch what we eat, drink and control our stress levels, we can see how our skin responds and improve its appearance, here I share 6 simple steps to improve your skin.

Step 1: Know your Skin

Identify the type of skin you have, whether it is oily, dry or combination. This will be extremely useful when buying products that are suitable for you, such as soaps, astringents and moisturizers based on oils or water.

Step 2: Watch your Medications

Check your medications. You may not know that some prescription drugs, such as cortisone, should not be taken at the same time as activities where you spend many hours in the sun; since they make you more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and can permanently stain your skin.

Step 3 : Use Blocker

I will not get tired of telling you the same brother, use sunscreen daily or a hat that protects you enough, then in 5 years you will remember me and you will leave the dermatologist amazed and out of work.

Step 4: Less Coffee, Alcohol and Dairy.

When these 3 foods are consumed in large quantities they can cause dehydration and acne on your skin, so avoid them. Drink lots of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Step 5: Exfoliate your body

You should take care of all your skin, not just your face. That is why it is important to exfoliate to stimulate circulation, when you stimulate circulation your skin firms and produces more collagen, after getting rid of impurities and dead skin, a cleaner and silkier skin comes to light. To avoid bad times, do not use an exfoliator on your sensitive or intimate parts as this can end very ugly.

Step 6
: Don't Touch Your Face

Whether it's because you want to exploit a pimple, or you have a bite on your face, don't touch the skin on your face, you can leave a scar or cause an infection . Our hands and nails touch countless surfaces that contain many bacteria, especially the nails.

Step 7: Drink Green Tea  

Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help your skin, as it helps you recover the nutrients that you may have lost due to air pollution, sun exposure or cigarette smoke.

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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