The Best Gifts for Women for Christmas

10 Gifts for a Woman

Gifts for Women

The Christmas season is full of parties, delicious dishes and gifts. We all like to receive gifts, the problem is when we have to give gifts and we don't know what to give, this problem is multiplied by a thousand when the gift is for a woman. Whether it's your mom, your girlfriend, friend or sister, the issue is extremely complex.

For this reason and so that you do not have worries, at we give you the best ideas to make the perfect gift.

You must know their tastes well and take into account some guidelines about gifts for women: do not give clothes, no matter how good you think they will look, women have a different sense of fashion and what in your imagination could be a beautiful dress , for her it may be the most frightening accumulation of rags that has ever been seen, added to this if you do not hit the size and you give her a larger size she will think that you saw her very fat, and if you give her a smaller size she will feel fat, avoid yourself and avoid that pain, and give something else.

Gifts for Women

1.- Jewelry, what woman would resist a silver bracelet or a necklace adorned with a pendant, a ring topped with diamonds, or a set of earrings and necklace? Always remember to take into account his tastes, lest you give him a huge chain of those that look like a drug dealer.

2.- Chocolates, moment! Before you think about the cup you saw outside the subway with chocolates, a doll and for only $10 pesos, we must tell you that the chocolate shop can be one of the best and finest gifts you can give, in CDMX there are chocolate shops with great variety and flavors that will melt anyone's mouth, and if you are in another city look for the chocolate shops that offer the best quality.

3.- Prepare dinner, this is not as good a gift as it sounds, your mother prepared dinner for you every night and she never told you that that was your gift, so it will be a nice detail but it does not count as a gift, it was already time to help in the kitchen.

4.- A trip, experiences are forever and memories are the best gifts, also if it is your partner you will enjoy it too, you will strengthen your relationship, you will learn new things together and live unforgettable experiences. If you give the gift to your mom, you can take it to your dad and you've already killed two birds with one stone.

Gifts for Women

5.- One day for her, you must know her tastes and hobbies very well, this is great if it is for your partner, start by preparing the breakfast that she likes the most, watch her favorite movie, the one that she has already seen a thousand times and that she could see a thousand more times, take her to eat at her favorite restaurant, museum or most special place. In the end, doing what you like, eating what you like and being with the person you like is one of the best gifts.

6.-The perfect gift for mom is that you behave well, we all know that, but you can surprise her with a detail made by you, we are sure that you must have some skill, you can put together a photo album with all the memories that she treasures . In the end, your gift, more than a knitted scarf, a drawing or a photo album, will be the effort.

7.- Perfumery will never fail you, just like a scented rose, every lady loves to smell good, but be careful to get good advice because the topic of fragrances is also broad and if you don't know her tastes well, you could be wrong.

8.- Personal care kit, another good gift is a kit with high quality products so that she can take care of herself, ideal for a friend or sister. You can find many with different products or ask for advice in the same stores where you are going to buy it so as not to make mistakes.

Gifts for Women

9.- A blanket, yes a blanket, you don't know how she will thank you on Sunday morning, curled up with a cup of chocolate or tea while watching chabelo (I think they don't show it anymore) or watch her favorite series and enjoy a moment of incomparable relaxation, which only occurs in these cold seasons. And if the blanket is his favorite cartoon or anime character, he'll thank you twice as much.

10.- A day of spa, it is as if they reset you, forget all the stress, work, tasks and others. This is a great gift that any woman would want (especially those with multiple occupations and children).

Ready you have 10 ideas for all tastes and for all budgets, with these ideas you are going to leave Santa Claus without a job. The only thing we want at is that you spend these dates with the people you love the most and enjoy everything around you. Happy Holidays!

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