The Best Gifts For Men At Christmas

gifts for men

The lights begin to adorn the streets, the sweet and nostalgic music (which after 2 weeks becomes cloying and overwhelming) resounds through all the houses, shopping centers and markets. Well, yes, December has arrived and with December comes Christmas and with Christmas comes the doubt that every year doesn't care about us, until the day before you remember it, and with a face of concern and surprise you exclaim, Oh, the gifts!

So if the doubt assails us, and now what gift? Fear not at we tell you which are the best gifts a man can receive at Christmas, so you don't arrive with your music card from the stationery store, your cup of $10 pesos chocolates and a big and naive smile.

1.- The first paragraph is more for gifts that we do not recommend, for example a key chain, something that you liked but that very likely he does not like and you buy it just to see if he lends it to you later, or some article that you know nothing about (Like when my nephew was given a Poly Satation instead of a Play Station and seeing the child's disgruntled face, my brother-in-law only asked "are they not the same?").

2.- Music calms beasts, and men are beasts that become docile lambs before music, you can give him a record (if he still uses them), or better yet, how about some tickets to a concert or a musical Festival? This way you can go together, you will end up enjoying both you and him of the gift.

gifts for men

3.- If music is not your forte, surely you have other hobbies such as cinema, video games or literature, look in your city for events about your favorite hobby or some activity that you like such as gotcha and take it for a walk, the experiences are wonderful gifts and as in the previous gift you will end up enjoying yourself too.

4.- Without a doubt, the beard has become a trend in recent years and we all have that friend who always lets his Viking beard grow and in the end it ends up looking more like Cantinflas, surprise him with a beard growth kit , so that once and for all he can have his long-awaited beard.

5.- Although the beard and the hair are not everything, to make them look much better it is a great idea to dress up a look with unique accessories that highlight the personality. And there we have the other great gift that you can give a man, whether they are glasses ,socks , a lighter, a cap or abelt , they are all perfect when it comes to giving, because it is in the details where the personality.

gifts for men

6.- If the man you are thinking of giving the gift to is your partner, you will also like this recommendation and it is a skin care kit , oh yes! You will also enjoy this gift, you will not stop caressing it and kissing it.

7.- Books are valuable objects with interesting stories and hidden secrets, select a book on a topic that interests you or teach a genre that you like. We only recommend that you not be too specific a genre because if you are not passionate about the subject, the book will end up collecting dust in some dark corner.

8.- If there is an accessory that perfectly reflects the personality, it is the watch, and to be honest, few objects look so good inside a gift box. Watches come in many shapes, colours, styles and technologies, you will surely find the right one to give as a gift.

9.- If you are reading this on December 24th or even worse on the 25th and you are just moments away from giving the happy gift to that special person or you simply do not want to wind up looking for more, the answer is a gift card in your favorite store, let him choose what he likes the most, whether it's a movie, a video game, clothing or an item from, choosing your own gift is a great gift. If SoyMacho is your favorite online store, it means that you have good taste, but we also leave you a link so you can buy a gift card

gifts for men

10.- Give the best of you, this is proof that you do not need money to give a very valuable gift and you can prepare a cake or your favorite dish, you can draw a picture, knit a scarf, even write a letter. letter. We all have different abilities and rest assured that effort and creativity are the greatest gifts we can give.

Now you no longer have an excuse not to show off with that friend, partner or relative, we know that the best gift is your company, but don't be stingy it's Christmas, you can give your company 365 days a year. Well see it like this, your presence is like a delicious cake, you can crown it with the cherry of a great gift. Your Bros from wish you the best for these times.

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