Leave no trace with Clean Shave


If you are a modern and practical man, one of those who takes care of his image and likes to always look at the forefront of fashion and style, without spending a lot of time on it, Clean Shave is the option for you.


The trends mark the importance of a well-defined beard or mustache to define the image since they can hide or highlight aspects of the face.


To have a beard or a mustache of 10, it was necessary to invest large amounts of time and money. With Clean Shave this has changed, as you can create your ideal look in the comfort of your own home or office.


Why do you need Clean Shave?

  • You will not leave a trace of beauty when shaving or lowering the beard
  • Very easy to use
  • You can take it anywhere
  • In its travel case, you can store together with the Clean Shave your shaver and the accessories you use the most. 

  • Trim or trim your beard or mustache
  • Simply stick the suction cups that it brings to the bottom of the cape, adjust it to your neck and that's it, when you finish, gather all the trimmed hair.
  • You can store your shaver and accessories for the care of your beard in its travel case that comes with the product.

Aspects to keep in mind when customers buy these products, special indications, talk a little about your brand essence, it is your opportunity for customers to get to know you a little more.

always a treat

Federico G.


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