Don't Look Like Pitbull - What Types of Shoes Do I Need

Types of Shoes SoyMacho

5 Mandatory Shoes to Look Good

The right shoes can transform your entire image, so it's essential to have the right accessories to look fashionable. Our lives are busy, whether it's for work, college, family or other matters. It is not necessary to have thousands of shoes, with these 5 shoes you can have a lot of versatility when combining clothes. Shoes must meet some basic rules of comfort and versatility. When buying a shoe or combining it with your clothing, you should pay attention to the color of your clothes, and the color of the shoes. The colors we recommend the most are black, white (white sneakers, white shoes only look "good" on Pitbull) and brown. These three colors will work from the most casual to the most formal you have, the trick is to know which one is the most appropriate for the occasion and moment. Under each title we have distinguished when it is better to use this type of footwear, but you can still combine them as you prefer.

Dress Blacks
Occasions: Weddings and Graduations.

Black dress shoes are a classic and essential element of every man's formal, professional and social attire. There are black shoes that come with different designs and textures, but for the time being we will master the basic style of classic clothing and then become experts in fashion and high masculine distinction. If you are going to use a belt, it must be the same color as the shoe, in this case choose black. As the images below show, the black shoe is a garment that is never out of date and can be used for formal or professional occasions.

Black shoes SoyMacho

Brown Dress Shoes

Occasions: Monday to Friday at the Office

Another foundation of the masculine wardrobe is owning a pair of brown shoes. Brown shoes look great with almost everything. In the image below we show you that brown, black and blue go very well with this shoe, in addition these fashions are used for special daytime occasions, a black dress shoe is more suitable for night events. Look at the different combinations that can be achieved with these shoes.

5 essential shoes SoyMacho Loafers
Occasions: Summer Outings
Loafers are shoes that are highly popular and can be worn without socks. The shoe can be combined with shorts or long pants, since it is usually seen a lot in casual-elegant summer outings, the foot can be a little more exposed with this shoe, so it is ideal for hot weather that settles. If you prefer to use socks so that your feet don't stink , there are some called "No-Show" they are invisible, they avoid sweat and bad smell.

Loafers SoyMacho


Occasions: City Walks

Boots are a highly reliable shoe as they protect the foot from weather conditions such as cold or rain. You should pay attention to the weight of the boot if you are looking for comfort, as walking all day in a heavy boot is a bit tough. Plus, as a little bonus, they can sneakily add a bit of height. You dress well and reflect security!

5 Mandatory Shoes to Look Good White Tennis
Occasions: Casual
White sneakers will never let you down on daily outings. In a regular outfit it can be used to go out to the movies, have a few beers with friends, or go buy something at the supermarket; sneakers are comfortable and highly reliable. The tennis color that I am going to recommend looks clean, simple and safe: white . Everything on the shoe should be white: the sole, the laces, and the details. Take a look at its versatility in the photos below. Remember, avoid walking on the grass or dirt, and to preserve them, you must clean them from time to time.
5 Mandatory Shoes to Look Good

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