Don't Look Bad - How to Wear a Beard Lock

Don't Look Bad - How to Wear a Beard Lock

How to Have a Good Looking Lock Beard

Many of us underestimate the power of a padlock beard, but if we know how to cut it, take care of it and wear it, we will get a lot of use out of it. You must style the mustache and the rest of the hair that is on your chin . If you have a round face, the lock beard is perfect for you. Dare to be the man who tries all fashions and wears them very well, if Hollywood artists look good on you, it will look much better on you.

Know the Type of Padlock that Best Fits You

It is not necessary to have a lot of hair on your face to show off the beard, so if your beard does not grow quickly, this beard cut is perfect. There are many different styles, but you need to find the one that best suits your face shape. In the photo below you will see 6 types of lock beards that you can try. Ask for the opinion of a barber if you are not sure which type of lock will be better, trust the professionals.

Trim any hairs that appear

If you suddenly realize that beard hairs are growing, remember that the lock beard only has hair above and below the mouth. You have to trim all the hair that grows on the sides of your face, because then the look is lost. With an electric machine you can quickly solve this problem.

Splinter the Mustache

Essential oils and balms will help protect against moisture, skin irritation, and odor that can trap your beard and mustache . Moreover, they help moisturize the area. By smearing these products on the beard it will be soft and in place. You can see the difference between not slathering on any product, and using a beard balm below.

Have a Comb on Hand

So that you never have a hair out of place, we recommend always carrying a comb with you . We offer combs that fit in your pockets and wallet. A prepared man is worth two, so don't stay with the desire to get ready and look good.

Experience Styles

If you don't want a lock beard, or would rather try some other type of beard, you can. There are thousands of styles that favor the anatomy of your face. Taking risks and experimenting with your hair will bring out your best assets. Seek advice from your friends or do some research online with different beard photos. When you're set on the style you want, stop by to find the necessary facial care products .

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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