Did you know that November is the month for us men? Also known as #Movember, it is the month of solidarity mustaches, we tell you why.

First the name; Movember is the union of the Anglo-Saxon words, Mustache and November , a global campaign that starts today to raise awareness of men's health , especially prostate cancer. It was first celebrated in Australia in 2003 by a group of young men known as the Original 30, who came up with the idea of growing their mustaches to support a friend with prostate cancer. Thus, since 2004, the Movember Foundation began to collect funds to allocate them to the fight against prostate cancer in Australia, expanding to more countries since 2007.

This movement raises awareness about 4 aspects of men's health:

Prostate cancer: It is the sixth leading cause of cancer death among men worldwide. Most prostate cancers develop without men experiencing symptoms in the early stages.

Testicular cancer: More than 90% of testicular cancer cases develop in germ cells, which are responsible for the production of sperm. Young men between the ages of 18 and 40 are most at risk of developing it.

Mental health: Worldwide, 510,000 men commit suicide each year. What a man represents every minute. Many men find it difficult to share their problems and try to continue to be "quietly strong" instead of getting support when needed, despite the detrimental effect this may have.

Physical health: Sedentary life and stress factors are causes of many diseases. The best thing to do is stay active. There are many ways!

What is the best solution before these problems? Always go to medical health experts to prevent, detect and eradicate any disease and do not forget to go with your friends and loved ones, rest assured that they will always be an important moral support.

Movember, simple fashion or an effective movement?

Symbols such as the pink ribbon are now recognizable almost all over the world and we know perfectly well what they mean. After much effort, it has been possible to effectively spread and raise awareness among people about breast cancer. Movember pursues this same objective.

The main idea is that by letting our beards grow, people ask us why, in order to explain that we belong to the movement, in this way we seek to talk much more regularly about these health issues, issues that were previously not dealt with due to to grief or other situations. But not everything should remain in words, it is also necessary to carry out actions, such as donations to foundations specialized in dealing with these problems, or participate as volunteers in different programs that these foundations have.

Some foundations in Mexico specialized in treating cancer are the COI Foundation, Together Against Cancer, the Rebecca de Alba Foundation or No-Shave November (this one is not based in Mexico).

Although in Mexico the movement is not yet as strong as in other countries, at we believe in the importance of men's health and we want to raise our voices to make noise and miss this campaign.

Looking and feeling good is part of your health, so during movember we have prepared several surprises in store: discounts, promotions, coupons and much more. Stay tuned and join as an ambassador for men's health in Mexico.

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