5 Steps to Stronger Hair

Has your hair become brittle, do you have dandruff, dryness or burning on your scalp?

It may be that you are not giving your hair the necessary care. Here we leave you 5 steps that will help your hair recover strength from the damage that the years have thrown at it with the pulls, squeezes and pulls of you and... of other people. Healthier and shinier hair is more attractive, so practice the advice we bring you and don't hesitate to contact us to clarify your doubts about our products.

1.Grow then Trim
For your hair to gain strength you should cut the ends every 2-3 weeks. If you use tools to straighten or style your hair such as: dryers or irons, it is very important to protect it from heat with a product.

2. Massage Your Scalp
When you apply shampoo, conditioner, oil or any treatment to your scalp, massage it well to stimulate circulation, promote hair growth and strengthen the roots. Learn about the shampoo options to always leave it clean here .

3. Make a 3-Ingredient Homemade Face Mask
With 3 ingredients you can make a natural mask that will help you have a healthier scalp. If you have discomfort, burning or itching, this mask made of milk, coconut oil and mashed banana can help against dandruff and other discomfort.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

In addition to the weather, the sun's rays (and in case you use a dryer); All of this can harm your scalp by stripping away oils that it naturally produces due to dryness and lack of sun protection. The best thing in these cases is to use a moisturizing shampoo, in addition to a conditioner .

5. Use A Wide Tooth Comb

This comb can be used for all types of hair, straight, Chinese, etc. With a wide-toothed comb you avoid breaking your hair. The best time to comb your hair is after washing and drying, since with the products you have cleaned and softened it, find the perfect comb for you .

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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