15 Steps to Take Care of Your Hair

15 steps to take care of your hair
How to Take Care of Your Hair: 15 Steps

To maintain clean and silky hair, it is important to take care of the scalp. If you have curly, straight, long or short hair, these tips are for you and will help you maintain a shiny and healthy scalp. The most common problems are excess fat, hair fragility, baldness and dandruff, things that happen to all men, the difference is in responding to these signals that your body is giving you. Let's get to the point.

Step 1: Wash your hair daily or establish a routine.
Get the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair ( know these options for your hair ). Before applying the product, use a comb and pass it from the root to the tip, in this way you will free the hair of any knots or tangles. It is preferable to use warm water and then massage the shampoo into your scalp using the tips of your fingers. Then repeat the same steps with the conditioner, you'll feel a difference immediately. If you don't know which one you should use, read our recommendations .

Wash well - 15 steps to take care of your hair

Step 2: Avoid going to bed with wet or damp hair.

Many people wash their hair before bed, but the mistake many of us make is sleeping with wet hair. What your mom told you is true, you can get sick and damage the appearance of your hair. The next day the hair will look irregular and ugly. So anticipate the problem and dry it properly.

Step 3: Dry yourself well!
Many of us towel over our hair and continue with our routine, but the reality of the matter is that using the towel roughly can damage the appearance of your hair and makes it susceptible to brittleness. To dry your hair properly you should remove the excess water with both hands in the direction of the ends of the hair and then use the towel and remove the excess water little by little.

Step 4: Protect your hair from heat.
Climate changes and excessive use of the hair dryer affect the scalp and the properties of the hair, so it is important to moderate the use of the dryer and use the appropriate shampoo according to the type of hair.

protect it from heat - 15 steps to take care of your hair
Step 5: Let it breathe!
Man, if you like to wear a hat, beret, cap, or the famous "Man Bun" it is important to note that none of these fashions are pulling or squeezing the head, as it can cause damage to the hair follicle.

Step 6: Keep hair off your face.
If you are constantly pushing your hair out of your eyes, face and mouth it is advisable to use a clay so that the hair is voluminous and does not move from its place. It is recommended to use products such as " Be Strong Co.- Matte Clay " to enhance the natural shine without hardening the hair. The best thing is that you apply it in the morning, so it will last all day, it can even be accommodated in any way without the need for water. If you don't know the difference between pomades, waxes and hair gels, don't worry, here we explain it to you.

Step 7: No Excesses!
When we use too much product on the hair, it can look dirty and greasy, so use the right product to help with the crisis. Finally, see how the hair responds to the product. Look for different alternatives and you will have results.

Step 8: Watch out for the Pools.
Enjoying a sunny day in a pool will always be a very good idea, but as we all know, pool water contains chlorine and other foreign substances. If you are a swimmer, or love to be in the water, it is recommended to use a conditioner , this way you can keep your hair well hydrated before and after the dip. Jump in without fear!

watch out for the pool - 15 steps to take care of your hair
Step 9: Prevention
If you begin to notice excessive hair loss, during the day the human being naturally loses 80 to 100 hairs per day, which will be replaced by new hair. The problem comes when you begin to notice a greater fall or worse, spaces where there was hair before, that is the time to look for alternatives such as an anti-hair loss treatment .

Step 10: Protect yourself from the Sun.

Try not to expose yourself to the sun for a long time, since over time the hair can lose its natural shine and properties. That is why in case you have to be continuously exposed to the sun, it is advisable to use a conditioner and of course, a hat that goes with your style.

Step 11: Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.
The appearance of hair is directly related to how you take care of your body. Stress, a diet lacking in nutrients, smoking, and poor sleep all contribute to the appearance of hair. So it is necessary to drink a lot of water, avoid smoking, find ways to relax and sleep well, both your body and your hair will thank you.

Step 12: Cut Back.
The best way to get rid of damaged hair is to trim it to avoid split ends or split ends. I always try to cut my hair every six to eight weeks, it makes a difference. In addition, it is important to inform the barber or stylist that you only want to remove damaged hair and that a misunderstanding does not occur later, speak clearly.

Cut your hair - 15 steps to take care of your hair
Step 13: Let's Sweat!
Exercise is a key element for health. When you generate sweat, you activate your skin's cleansing system, this includes the pores on your head. By sweating you eliminate the dirt and toxins that accumulate in the pore. Exercise is good for circulation and stimulation of the muscles, skin, and scalp.

Step 14: Determine Your Face Shape.
There are millions of styles, cuts and fashions for men, with more and more appearing every day. But it is very important to find the ones that you like the most and work with your hair type. Search the internet for videos and photos of a particular style. Surely you get the right one for you and remember that to make an impact you have to try new things. Define what shape your face has, look for men who share the texture of your hair and see the alternatives they show. You will impress everyone who sees you, you are handsome. Determine what your face shape is here.

Step 15: Security is key.
You are already well informed with the best hair care tips, you will immediately see the difference and feel amazing for doing what needs to be done. Master your look, smile and dress well so that everyone notices the changes. Hair is a weapon of seduction, use it at your convenience.

Always a treat.
Frederick G.

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