Steps to achieve a good mustache

To have a good style, it is not enough to wear prescription glasses, a short-sleeved shirt and tennis shoes. Beard and mustache are basic. Get the perfect mustache in 6 easy steps.

You need 3 easy to get tools: scissors, comb and shaver.


1. Let it grow

You need your mustache to be longer than the size of your mouth. If it does not grow, we recommend using the > MelBros Co Growth Balm <.

2. Wash your face

Do it with a > facial cleanser < and wait for the mustache to dry completely.

3. Comb it

It is best to do it in the direction of growth with a > beard and mustache comb <.

4. Pair it up

Even out the length of the mustache from the center out, without cutting too much. Remember that the ends are long, but shape them with the shaver.

5. Don't forget the beard

Now that the mustache is ready, shape the beard as you like.

6. Stay stylish

Keep your mustache in shape by applying > mustache wax < every day after showering.

Always thinking of our brothers,

Frederick G.

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