How to lose belly/weight from home? [Exercises for men 2021]

All of us males go to the gym to lose belly, burn fat, develop strength and improve our physical condition, but with the pandemic our routine has changed, our willpower has diminished and we surely have that happy belly as a result of long hours sitting in the armchair watching television or working with our laptop on our legs.

The excuses are over, we are going to lose our belly during these weeks of confinement at home, we will not need to go to the gym or buy expensive training machines, our own body is the best tool. We just need to recover our willpower and half an hour in a suitable space in your home to start.

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Next we are going to share the best exercises to lose belly, focused on burning fat , but without losing sight of the work with the various muscle groups. Before you begin, stretch your arms, move your hips, and relax your back for two minutes.

lose belly running

As a general rule of thumb for belly loss, fat is ideally burned when running at a pace where you would be able to carry on a conversation. It is at this point that fat becomes your main source of fuel.

A slow, low-intensity pace requires more fat for fuel, but it takes longer for the calorie burn to be significant. That is why it is recommended to run for more than thirty minutes if you are going to do low-intensity exercise . On the contrary, a fast and intense pace causes you to burn more calories in less time and although few calories come from fat, the intensity considerably stimulates weight loss.

In addition, you can benefit from the afterburn effect even 2-3 hours after you have finished running. If you want to shed a couple of kilos, make sure that you only drink liquids or a little protein during this period.

Lose belly with push ups

One of the most typical exercises to lose belly is push-ups, also known as push-ups. It is a simple but powerfully effective exercise to burn fat, especially in the abdomen, and help maintain good physical shape in general, which is why they are key in any type of training.

We stand with our hands on the ground, separated at a distance slightly greater than the shoulders. We contract the abdomen and slowly lower the body until the chest practically touches the ground, while keeping the elbows close to the sides of the torso . We hold the posture for a few seconds and raise the body to return to the starting position. If we are beginners, we should start in the world of push-ups by resting our knees on the ground to avoid injuries and learn the technique correctly.

Lose belly with burpees

Another complete and simple exercise that will help eliminate accumulated fat in the belly and legs are the burpees, which consist of: starting standing, lowering to the ground, supporting the palms of the hands and feet, jumping with the legs backwards to adopt plank position, we return to the starting position and with the impulse with which we stand up, we stretch our arms. At first it can be difficult to execute, but it is a matter of patience and perseverance.

Lose belly with stair climbers

This is one of the most effective exercises to lose belly. In a plank position, we will raise one knee to chest height and stretch it again, and repeat with the other leg. This is a very complete exercise that mimics the movement of a mountain climber and is very effective in eliminating fat, especially in the waist area.

In addition to intensely working different muscles, with this exercise we can raise our heart rate considerably and easily burn calories. If you find it easier, this same exercise can be done with small sliding discs that are placed under both feet.

Lose belly with abs

Another of the most typical exercises to lose belly, but the ones that most often fail. Special attention will have to be paid to getting up slowly and in a controlled way instead of doing it abruptly. In the same way, you have to separate the torso slightly from the ground and avoid that when lowering the head it touches the ground.

Lose belly with squats

Although squats can be boring and their movement does not affect all muscle groups, they do have an important role in defining the abdomen.

With this exercise we will lower the belly and work legs, buttocks and abdomen, eliminating the most stubborn fat and strengthening the lower body. Your legs should be separated more than shoulder width apart at an angle of 45 degrees. Then we will do a squat until the legs form an angle of 90 degrees and with the hands at chest height. Finally, we will go up to the middle to go back down.

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Squat every two seconds for one minute, then relax for 15 seconds and repeat three times.

Lose belly with "V"

Get into a push-up position. After doing the plank, raise your hips to form a triangle, moving your feet forward if necessary. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for one minute. Hold for 60 seconds, relax for 30, and repeat three times.

To make the exercise more complete, you can go up and down on a bench with one leg. This also engages your abs, glutes, and quads in one movement while improving your balance and increasing your heart rate. Do ten reps on each leg, rest for 20 seconds, and repeat six times.

Lose belly with spiderman stride

Position yourself as if you were going to do a push-up, and move your right foot forward, to the height of your hand. Then, raise your right hand and raise it towards the ceiling. Alternate both sides for 30 seconds, this will enhance the effects and help you lose that belly.

Lose belly with bending around-the-world

Do a pushup. And, as you rise again, lift your right arm off the ground and stretch it toward the ceiling as you rotate your torso. Continue twisting your torso until your chest is facing the ceiling. Then, rest your right hand on the ground again. Make sure your whole body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. The same movements are then performed, but in reverse, to return to the initial push-up position. Alternate left and right with each rep.

Lose belly with goblet squats

Grab something heavy that you have in your house, for example the water jug, if you feel macho enough. Ideally, it should be an object with a handle, the closest thing to a medicine ball. Hold it with both hands at the same time, at chest level. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the tips of your toes facing slightly out.

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Lower into a squat without moving the weight or supporting it on your chest until you break the line parallel to the ground. The trunk must remain upright at all times. Don't shrug your shoulders either. Return to the starting position, until fully extended , and repeat. In addition to burning calories, you will work your lower body and abdomen without overloading your lower back.

The best exercises to lose belly and fat in our body will be those that mobilize large muscle groups. They are called multi-articular exercises that can also be composed of two or more movements.

We recommend you exercise at least three days a week; although, to have better results, the ideal is to get to do it six days . You only need half an hour.

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