Why having a morning routine is important

Many wonder why Mondays are so difficult for me? The reality is that every day is just as complicated for you and all this happens because you do not have a routine when you wake up, which makes it more difficult for your body to react when you are already awake, so the whole day starts slowly. .. you stare at the mosaic or marble in your shower for what you think is an infinite amount of time, then you stare at your daily cereal box and lose valuable time in your day.

As you know, at SoyMacho we specialize in relieving your life of daily activities, such as the tremendous nonsense of going to a store to buy a product when it can be delivered to your home. That is why we are going to give you a small example of a good routine so that you start the day like a champion.

  1. Wake up with a good song : this is a common thing, we have an alarm clock that looks like we've been in prison for the last 8 years or worse a little bit, that looks like the alarm from when Godzilla came to NY, so put something friendly, something It doesn't sound like the world is on the brink of being invaded and you have to save it.
  2. Take a deep breath: It is proven that taking a few deep breaths in the morning can change your day completely, as you insert oxygen to the brain and speed up the process.
  3. Do some physical activity : we are no longer in times where exercise is for only a part of society, now it is a duty of all to do physical activity at least 4 times a week, so grab your gym clothes and go .
  4. Breakfast : we know that the worst enemy of obesity is our eating habits, which is why many people are used to skipping breakfast, so in 2 seconds I will explain to you why skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do in your life. day, ready? slow down your metabolism (your body's ability to digest and process food)
  5. Brush your teeth : either when you wake up or after breakfast (or both) but it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene.
  6. Dress cool : It is important that you dress in a way that you like, as this will improve your self-esteem and you will have a much better day than you thought you would have.

So this is a small idea of what your morning should be so that you have an excellent day. Try to repeat it many times and little by little you will have it as a habit.

always a treat

Frederick G.

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