Is spring the best time to grow a beard?

Did you know that your beard grows faster during the spring? Here's a little advice for you who are thinking of growing a beard: "Beards follow a cycle similar to that of our native plants, blooming and growing from early spring to early summer "

Although testosterone is the main hormone responsible for driving facial hair growth, it is not the only factor that influences beard growth. Low testosterone negatively affects beard growth. But there are many other factors such as genetics, sex life, diet, exercise, and even the weather and time of year that can also affect the rate of facial hair growth.

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Spring is probably the best season to grow a beard. It also means you'll have a thick, full beard by the time the colder months roll around. But growing a beard involves more than just not shaving. Here are 5 simple tips and tricks to help you make the most of spring and reach your beard growth goals.

Style and growth strategy

One of the many benefits of growing a beard is using your facial hair to shape it, and if this is your first time growing a beard, knowing which beard style best complements your face shape is essential. It's simple: if you have a longer, oval-shaped face, you should avoid augmenting your face with a long, slender beard. Use your facial hair to widen your face, so plan for fuller sides and be sure to trim below your chin. The opposite applies if you have a broader face. Be sure to moderate the jawlines and allow for a fuller patch to grow under the chin.

Daily care

Your beard can't get the clean it needs when you shower unless you rinse it with a shampoo designed specifically for facial hair . Water alone is not enough. Wash your beard twice a week with a good beard wash that can remove oil clogs, bacteria, and dead skin. Regular cleaning of the beard reduces irritation and makes it look nice, smooth and shiny.

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Trim sparingly as it grows

Once your beard reaches your desired length, go ahead and add a very light undercut to your routine haircut. Create a base just above the Adam's apple, where the beard and neckline meet, and then work into the curves of the jawline just below the ears. Don't forget the cheek line and trim as high and neat as possible. The right beard shaping tool and knowing how to use it can make all of this a breeze.

Don't be afraid to use oils and other products

Perhaps the most important beard growth tip is that you need to use the right natural products to maintain your beard. This can make a difference in both the appearance and health of your facial hair. There is a significant difference between growing a beard and taking care of the growth as well as the style. The easiest path to a smooth , itch-free beard is by oiling it . Regularly using beard oils, creams and balms are great ways to lock in moisture and keep your beard healthy and hydrated. They can also be used to style and tame flyaways, allowing you to shape things into place.

Invest in a superior beard brush

Here's another commonly overlooked secret beard growth tip: Brushing your beard every day keeps it healthy and encourages your facial hair to grow in the direction you want. That's how it is. You can make your beard grow however you want. Brushing and combing your beard also promotes circulation to the beard's scalp, distributing its natural oils more evenly for a shiny, youthful appearance. But be careful. Brushing too much can do more harm than good, so you should do your best to keep beard brushing to a minimum.

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Spring is almost here in full force. Help your body's natural beard growth process by eating well, drinking plenty of water, and exercising. If you follow the tips above, growing a beard this spring will be an easy process with amazing results .

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