What kind of cut suits me.

What kind of cut suits me.

Every day we find more and more articles similar to ours that tell you "what type of cut suits your face", but one thing that all these articles do not talk about is how the height of the man can affect or benefit the look that is. trying to get. That is why we made this little article that with a few tips you will know exactly what kind of haircut you should do.

Are you a little short?

This is a question that you should ask yourself, if you measure a little less than 1.65m it is important that you consider the cuts that you are going to make, since they can affect you.

To improve your presence in places you must move away from styles that are considered broad. Styles with a bit of height are flattering on you, so trim down the sides and leave the center part a bit longer.

Are you very tall?

If you are a person who is considered tall by your friends and family, you should avoid puffy styles as they will only make you look much longer than you really are and can affect your physical complexion, in the sense that you should be tall. sufficiently symmetrical (that is, to be very punched out) to balance the matter.

A tip for everyone!

When you choose your hair style always choose what corresponds to your personal style.

I hope you liked it, remember that good things are shared.

Frederick G.

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