Quio´co… The nature of man.

Quio´co… The nature of man.

Quio´co… The nature of man.

Quio´co MR. It is a brand of products for men that since its inception has been concerned with listening to the concerns of its customers, providing prompt solutions to them, obtaining excellent quality in totally organic natural products as a result.

The benefits of acquiring Quio'co products is the certainty of obtaining 100% natural products, composed of excellent quality and, above all, a good price. You must bear in mind that the products we handle will not be found in any super market since at Quio'co we work on each one of them in an artisanal way and not in series.

Here are some of the products you will find here:

Stimulating Cream

What is it for?

It seeks to naturally stimulate the follicles based on savila and rosemary among others.

How is it done?

In an artisanal way we obtain all the ingredients that make up our products so that you only have to worry about applying them.

This cream must be applied twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, one of these applications ensures that they are after the bath.

Quioxyil (minodixil 5%)

  • What is it for?

With this product we seek to stimulate the follicles for a faster response. You must take into account that the active ingredient that makes it up is 5% minoxidil (vasodilator) so if you have sensitive skin you must take precautions.

The way of application is twice a day, 20 drops in the morning (quioxidil day) and 20 drops at night (quioxidil night). Both presentations come hand in hand and are not sold separately.

Beard and mustache oil

  • What is it for?

Ideal for men who already have a beard and mustache. What we are going to achieve with the application of this oil is to nourish and hydrate facial hair. And also treat the skin below.

Achieved with a special and unique blend of 100% natural oils that will not only give you a unique beard and mustache but also a special aroma that you will not find anywhere else.

Anti-hair loss shampoo (coconut and chamomile)

Stop worrying about hair loss because with our shampoos we achieve it from the third week and we reach the birth of new hair after a month and a half.

We make each of our shampoos in a unique way, guaranteeing that it will stop falling out and we will achieve stronger and more nourished hair.

You should apply it twice per bath, the first application is to wash the scalp thoroughly, rinsing immediately and the second application is to massage and leave throughout the bath, do not forget to rinse just before finishing the bath.

Quio'co ointments (fresh, lime and tangerine)

What we are looking for with our pomades is that your hair stays in place throughout the day and that with daily use you achieve strong and nourished hair. Take into account that we do not use perfumery in our products, seeking in this way to preserve the natural.

Remember that it is time to use the natural, it is time to highlight the nature of man with Quio'co.

always a treat

Federico G.

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