6 infallible recommendations to have a Viking beard in 2020

Yes, we know that you want that viking beard , to impress the girls and let that inner macho free. Because the moment for the beard is now, because the beard is a weighty element in the appearance of men and depending on the style and the way it is presented, it can make a great change in the face.

Therefore, it is necessary that you know these 6 recommendations to have a Viking beard in 2020

These are things that may seem simple, but by putting them into practice you can have very good results with your beard and with the growth you expect, in addition to giving the impression you want.

Because an important element of your manly appearance is your beard, how good it looks, its volume, as well as the care it reflects, the fact that it looks #manly, does not mean that it should look careless or much less, on the contrary, a Manly looks are also about looking nice, in fact, there are specialized products for men that you can use to maintain a great presence.


Among other things, you also vary depending on the shape of the face, the type of beard that best suits and looks better will also vary. That is why we bring you 6 infallible recommendations to have a Viking beard in 2020, all so that you can show the world the beard of a true macho. 

1. Patience with your care

It seems that getting a beard the way you want it can take time, and it is true, its growth, as well as the care and time invested in it, because we know that worthwhile things in life take time. and contrary to what was thought, unlike capillary hair, beards grow at a really imperceptible speed —at almost 5 nanometers per second—, so if you want to show off a long, consistent and lush beard, you will have to wait a while. considerable, in addition to taking care of it, keeping it clean and stimulating it with special products so that it grows as you expect.

2. Keep it hydrated with quality treatments

This is perhaps one of the key points when it comes to caring for your beard, since in addition to keeping it clean, then we can complement the care routine with products that keep your beard healthy , those products such as lotions or moisturizing oils, give it a care extra, in addition, natural oils have properties that hydrate it and improve its appearance and also to restore the vitality of your beard, provide shine, achieving a healthier appearance.

You can also opt for the conditioner to prevent facial hair from becoming damaged or if it already is, to repair the damaged cuticle and make it look renewed.

3. Wax can help

The right treatment is an essential element to achieve a lush beard on healthy skin. But it is not quite enough. Letting your beard grow for several weeks does not free you from continually shaving and trimming it, nor from combing it, long or short.

Wax is one of the products that works best for this purpose , since it is ideal for giving the beard a natural and long-lasting shape, as well as preventing tangles. For this, the skin must be well dry and hydrated.

4. Fix your beard and trim it

It is one of the most basic things when it comes to beard care , but on a day-to-day basis, it seems that it is forgotten, but to show off a good-looking beard, you also have to groom it with some frequency to prevent it from being too much. long or disheveled.

For this you can use an electric machine to give some touch-ups, give shape and contour or if you are one of those who prefers to be #OldSchool you can also use razors to outline or scissors to cut those beautiful ones that do not want to give in to the fix.

5. Healthy skin is the key

Yes, the beard is very important, but the skin where the beard grows is just as important when it comes to looking for an incredible and untamable beard. The best way to cleanse your skin is to simply exfoliate your skin regularly and then use some other skin care product.

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It seems very simple, but it is really important to take care of the skin to keep it healthy, as well as the follicles from which the facial hair that will become your impressive beard is born.

6. The food; friend and enemy

It may seem like a joke or perhaps even an exaggeration, but you have to be very careful with food, we know that as a good macho, you enjoy delicious wings or a good steak, but these and other dishes contain fat and other residues that remain on your beard, they can, apart from giving you an image of dirt and carelessness, damage it and take away from that attractive look, especially when you have thick and long beards.

It is very easy for food remains to fall when chewing and even tiny crumbs can give us a scruffy appearance and can even affect personal hygiene, and more often they can make your beard look unkempt. Therefore, although the food is delicious, take great care that its residues do not affect your beard.

Another piece of advice that is important to take into account when letting your beard grow is your type of face, elongated faces are better styled with goatee, oval faces, mustache or three-day beard , while squares are better served by long sideburns.

The trick is to enhance certain features and conceal others to add contrast and relevance to your face.

Having a lush, attractive and manly beard can seem like a challenge, and it is if you don't have the necessary guide and special products for it, therefore, we hope that these 6 infallible recommendations to have a Viking beard in 2020 are from useful to you and make Thor himself, god of thunder, envy your beard.

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