Basic rules to grow your mustache.

Basic rules to grow your mustache.

Welcome to September, the month in which we all remember that we love Mexico or at least the good parties that are put together on these national days, so what better way to start this month than with good advice that tells you how to leave the mustache for you to rock these days.

1-. Let your beard grow first.

At first, the hair on the upper part of the lip may look a bit thin. If you want to avoid some initial awkwardness, consider growing out all your facial hair at first and then trimming the rest of your beard when your mustache is ready, or you can progressively trim everything but your mustache to make the transition less stuck.

two-. Invest in a good quality razor.

Anytime you grow facial hair , it's a good idea to invest in a beard trimmer that will make the job easier. It's easier to shape your mustache more precisely if you use an electric razor rather than a basic one that you would use to completely remove the hair.

3-. Trim unwanted hair.

Most basic mustaches extend down the sides of the mouth leaving the hair above the lip intact. All it takes to shape a basic mustache is to shave off unwanted facial hair. It usually means shaving all the hair on the cheeks, below and along the jawline, and around the mouth, except on the upper lip.

  • After cutting out the basic shape you want, leave just the mustache. Shave and keep trimming other areas of facial hair to prevent regular growth and keep your mustache standing out from the rest of the beard .
  • Sometimes, for some kinds of hair, it's normal to grow a bit of a beard and have a mustache that's a bit longer than the rest. He is half beard and half mustache . The best of both worlds.

4-. Be patient with your facial hair growth.

Facial hair can grow quite quickly, it could take anywhere from several weeks to over a month to fully grow it, depending on the type of mustache you want and the rate at which your beard grows. It can take a while, so try not to despair.

I hope you can achieve a super mustache for this 15th and if not, then it's almost Movember , so let's get our batteries ready for this last semester of the year where everyone expects you to have a perfect beard.

always a treat

Federico G.

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