Sweating is Normal, Stinking is Not.

Sweating is normal, stinking is not - SoyMacho

Sweating is Normal, Stinking is Not.

The skin is the largest organ in the entire body and fulfills a number of functions. The most important of its functions is to regulate body temperature, however, sweat can smell unpleasant for different reasons. There are people who sweat and sweat and don't stink; damn bastards. But for the rest of the simple mortals like us, we have to look for solutions and alternatives. Calm down champion, you don't have to feel insecure. Identify the problem, and try the following solutions.

You need to bathe.

Admit it, once in a while you've skipped the shower, I know you better than you think. There is nothing more basic than having good hygiene. In addition to the armpits, pay attention to the pubic area, perineum and navel; They are areas that when bacteria accumulate with the hair, it produces an unpleasant odor that repels whoever is next to you. You can use a soap or bath gel that disinfects, moisturizes and scents the body. Remember that smell is an important factor in attraction.

sweating is normal, stinking is not, SoyMacho

Call the Gardener, you have to Prune .

The armpit may be an unknown jungle for us, but the favorite place of bacteria and dirt. Many of these are trapped in the armpit hair leaving behind unwanted odours. It will make a big difference to shave your armpits.


If you constantly eat junk food, I don't want to hear complaints about your “gardenia scent”. It is absolutely necessary to evaluate eating habits. Keep in mind that everything you put into your body will be expelled one way or another. Improve the diet compadre.

sweating is normal, stinking is not, SoyMacho


Usually if your mood is not going well, it will show physically. So he seeks to play sports, spend time with friends and do things that are relaxing. You are a flesh and blood person, not a machine.

sweating is normal, stinking is not SoyMacho

The deodorant

The function of the deodorant is to get rid of the bad smell, and the function of the antiperspirant is to prevent sweating. Even using the wrong deodorant can cause skin infections and allergic reactions. Choosing the right product for you can benefit you in different ways, some of them are: avoiding irritation, keeping you dry, comfortable, protected and preventing stains on clothes. If you regularly practice high-intensity sports, or your days are just hectic, choose a deodorant that covers 24 hours. A home remedy is to use baking soda and water; mix equal amounts in a container and then spread it between the armpits; you'll sweat, but you won't stink. Also, if you have sweat-damaged shirts, solve the problem with our tips .

Wear clothing that allows you to breathe.
Dress according to the season. Instead of using polyester, he uses materials such as cotton and silk; they'll feel amazing on your skin and help keep you cool and comfortable.

Always a treat.

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