Do you know what types of ties exist and how to use them?

The subject of ties for some of us, can be compared to the dilemma in which women enter with shoes. There are many styles, colors, textures, thicknesses and reasons to use them.

All the Soy Macho brothers surely have a tie for special occasions as part of their wardrobe, in addition to the ones we use to go to work or for more casual situations. However, there are times when we really don't know what each type of tie looks best with.

 Therefore, Soy Macho gives you the manual to use the exclusive accessory of us men in the best way and with the best style.

  1. Smooth and thin -> A dark tie with a light shirt will give you the elegance you need. Remember that narrow-collared shirts are suitable for these narrow-knotted ties.
  2. Stripes -> Like the old school, you can wear them all year round in all colors. We recommend that if you use this print, try to make your shirt smoother.

  1. Cotton -> When you want a more casual look like a blazer or a shirt where you fold the sleeves, this is your option. If you will wear a suit, it is better to choose one made of silk or similar materials.
  2. Knitted -> If you want something even cooler, silk knits in summer and wool in winter are ideal for jeans and a shirt.
  3. Bow -> The most appropriate thing is to use it when we wear a tuxedo, but the trend points to opt for this accessory with vintage jackets or blazers.


  • Check that your tie reaches the top of your belt, not below or navel level.
  • The knot should rub against the top button of the shirt covering it, but don't pucker the collar of the shirt.
  • If you want to look more youthful, undo the first button and loosen the tie.
  • Take care that the narrow part of the tie does not show below or sideways to the wide part.
  • An accessory that will always give an extra and modern touch is the tie bar or, when the shirt lends itself, some cufflinks.

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