Everything that implies having a good aspect.

Everything that involves having a good appearance


Use a shampoo for your hair type and try to massage your scalp at least twice a week. Choose the style that best suits the shape of your head, let alone experiment, from using a hair dryer to style it to gels, waxes and oils to maintain it.


The shape will also depend on your face, but don't forget to brush it, keep it clean and fix any uneven parts. Use growth balm for gaps, apply wax or oil, but avoid all products that contain alcohol. Don't put lotion on it.


They are in the front of your head, we don't give them as much importance as they should! Learn to define the frame of your face with the sunglasses that you like the most, your hairdresser can also advise you how to define them and trim them according to that shape. The most important thing here is that you comb them, yes, brush them outwards every time you go out.
It changes your face!


Keep your face clean and moisturized every day. Use products for your skin type and create a routine for morning or night (or both? It's up to you)

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