Every year the #InternationalBreastCancerDay is commemorated. On a date like today we remember the importance of self-examination by women to diagnose and prevent breast cancer, a disease that claims many lives.

Being male is synonymous with solidarity and support, so we join the action in this cause with an article specially designed for them, with 5 steps that can be vital to their lives.

1. Do regular reviews. Annual mammograms are recommended starting at age 40.

2. Self-examinations. Once a month, on any day. 1 minute can save 1 life.

3. Perform physical exercise. 30 minutes are effective; the type of activity depends on age. Going with a certified trainer will be of great help.

4. Maintain proper weight. Obesity is a very important risk factor for breast cancer.

5. Have a healthy diet. A nutritionist is the best ally to achieve this goal.

80% of cases that are detected and treated early can be cured. Share this information with all the women you know and be part of the movement.

#UnidosConEllas on this October 19, and as a sign of our support and commemoration of this day, all shipments will be free on purchases over $199.

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