Long live Mexico Cabr%6/s! Happy Independence Day

Long live Mexico! Happy Independence Day

This day is a special day for our entire country, we want to make it much more special. Presenting you a promotion that we haven't done for a long time, for the next 48 hrs there is FREE SHIPPING in the ENTIRE store*...

Now that we have your attention, throughout the month we have been throwing hints that you have to leave your mustache, beard and have a patriotic look, as we well know that you listened to us, we are giving you this discount so that you keep that mustache any longer.

These days some very dear Mexicans taught us that freedom is something incredible and something that we must demand of ourselves all the time, whether it is freedom over an “invasion” or freedom of sex or, in their case, freedom of expression. At SoyMacho we have always dedicated ourselves to and supported the last two (we still don't even know how to do the first one), so we invite you to always be free.

Then take advantage of free shipping and make all the orders that always gave you the courage to pay for shipping.


*very important: free shipping only applies to orders over $350

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