What is the best haircut for your face?

It's a fact "not all haircuts fit all people"

But how do we know which haircut suits us without having to try them all? Also looking ridiculous at the time you find out.

Luckily we ( SoyMacho.com ) have you covered, whether you have an oval, round, triangle, diamond or square face, we will tell you which one is best for your face type.

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So first of all you have to be able to identify the type of face you have, after that, now, to choose your best style.

And you, how do you cut your hair? What is your favorite style?


  • Héctor

    ¿Qué hay del cabello largo?
    A muchos nos gusta llevarlo así.

  • Enrique Lopez

    No se que tipo de cara, que cortes me quedan? Necesitaría ir con ustedes verdad?

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