You managed to lose weight... Now what's next?

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11 April, 2015


We know what you are going through, it has happened to all of us, you have an extremely strong diet, you have dedicated the last months of your life to it, sacrificed all those Brownies and granny cakes, but finally you have the body you wanted, after all that dedication you finally see yourself in the mirror and say "it was all worth it", only you find yourself with a new problem... your clothes don't fit you, your haircut was for a face that had cheeks, how do you take advantage of that?

Here we will give you the best tips to take advantage of and show off your new figure:

1-. Go Shopping : After all those months you already got what you wanted, now go and give yourself a good gift, some new jeans (a little tighter than before), a t-shirt that is more flirty. Obviously without losing style.

two-. Keep taking care of yourself: apart from continuing with your diet and your excellent exercise routine, in order not to bounce back, don't forget that your skin also needs care, some good creams, an exfoliant, but this also applies to men! Get a good razor, a good shaving cream and make yourself handsome for your partner (or next partner). One of the best ways to find what you need without having to go to a beauty store is at we have used and they really are amazing.

3-. New Look : Go to your most trusted hairdresser and tell him to give you a cut with your new face shape, if you have no idea what kind of face you have here is a video that will help you (https:// Remember that your haircut can help you look slimmer.

4-. Show off – The weekend is almost here so take advantage of everything you've done over the past few months and show it all off on your big day!

Remember never give up! And if you still don't have the results you want and want to lose the last few pounds or get more marked, join InstaFit , with which you will have your online program of exercise, nutrition and personalized advice, register here.

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