3 Accessories To Look Like A Millionaire

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To look good you do not have to spend a lot of money, however, it is necessary to pay attention and care to all the accessories we choose. I guarantee that by knowing how to use the correct accessories, many will notice the difference. In addition to reflecting your personality and tastes, you will have something known as an identity accessory, ( understood as an accessory that will draw people's attention to the point that  they will compliment you and ask how you do it), but a good magician never reveals his tricks. Elegance and distinction will be two of the many adjectives that will be used when describing your person.

1. An Elegant Watch

There are thousands of watches with different sizes, materials and colors. Watches are a necessary jewelry for everyone; a good watch leaves a lot to say about you. Of course, the watch you decide to wear must be analog, because part of its charm is in the following three things: the face , the hands and the dial (the numbers). Digital watches are easier to read, but wearing the right watch sets boys apart from men. Apart from being completely practical when knowing what day and time it is, they are the quintessential accessory to look professional. The watch band may differ in its materials such as metal , leather and fabric ; A good idea is to combine the watch strap with the trouser strap, it is much better if both are of similar colors or materials as shown in the photo below.

2. Majestic cufflinks

Cufflinks are fancy buttons for your shirt cuffs. In the 1950s and 1960s it revolutionized menswear thanks to the popular icons of swing music , for example, Frank Sinatra who frequented cufflinks and tie clips. These accessories come in different materials like metal, crystal, silver, precious stones and others. However, you don't have to get the most expensive cufflinks to look good. The most important thing is that you like how it looks with your clothes. 

3. The Tie Clips

Another element of elegance is the tie clip, we must take into account several elements of them such as: size, color or material, type of insurance and the place where you will put this accessory. The size usually depends on the design, the material you choose at the time of purchase and the type of insurance is sliding or pressure. You should also consider if your tie matches, or gets along with him. It is very important not to have this accessory too high or too low on the tie. Keep it snug so it doesn't fall off or look tousled. Position it above or below the third button on the shirt . Finally, it is preferable not to use a jacket that is very closed in front because the focus point of the accessory will be lost, as the attached images show.

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