The authority of the beard and mustache.

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The beard and the mustache are two attractive parts of men today, but first we must take a look at the transcendent antecedents.

The beard and mustache have changed in their representation of their past and present; in cave times, on the part of the male sex, the club was held in one hand and the beard in the other to demonstrate authority.

Who does not want to have authority? The clearest example of what the beard and mustache can represent are the cases of the mother-in-law of Thothmes III in the world of the ancient Egyptians, who had a bust made with a beard, since she was the one who held the reins in the family.

The ancient Egyptians pretended to wear a beard, regardless of whether it was false. In the case of the Assyrians they liked to display beautiful and curly beards by forcing their slaves to shave them.

Some time later, the beard was replaced by the mustache as a masculine vestige used by the hussars, of Hungarian origin. In his cavalry corps the use of a mustache was very common and later military bodies, sailors, comedians, magistrates and servants claimed the right to wear a mustache.

Now the most updated versions of beards demonstrating authority have changed over time, for example:

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  • Marlo

    me ha gustado ver los diferentes tipos de varbas. y creo que es importante conocerlas y saber su nombre para que se la hagan en las barberias.

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