The 5 OutFits you can wear this summer

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For all those who go on vacation , we always have the same doubt, what should I wear ?, so we decided to find and contact the most qualified people to give you advice that we are sure you will love.

We are going to tell you about the 5 styles that are going to be used the most this summer, so that you are fashionable wherever you go and they see you as a gentleman .

1-. All-White

2014 saw several designers opting for all-white , minimalist looks, which made a refreshing change for the bold designs and colors that have flooded menswear in recent years.

From head to toe, a bright white is arguably the most ambitious look to try here and won't work for everyone (especially if you're of a lighter skin tone) - but nuances of shades of beige and white are a must. often much more feasible.

Softer than white, cream is an elegant color that doesn't flatter itself to the same extent, but is still versatile enough to complement plenty of other hues.

All White SoyMacho

two-. Prints with a good sense of humor

In theory, camo and florals may not seem like the easiest prints to incorporate into your closet, but with such a wide variety of pieces available across stores, it's never been easier to integrate this trend into your everyday. Prints Cool SoyMacho

3-. Bomber Jacket

These jackets are great for when you have unpredictable weather (like the whole world right now because of global warming ), they are amazing as you can wear them with shorts, jeans or even pants. Always keeping your style cool and relaxed . This craze was heavily introduced in 2014 but is starting to gain traction these months, especially in places like California and New York. (if you want any of the bags you can find something similar on our page. Just click on the image)

Bomber Jacket SoyMacho

4-. Pastel colors

With notions about what is and is not masculine loosening considerably in recent times, we men have had the freedom to experiment with a variety of hues previously considered off limits. Pastels have been the main beneficiaries of this new, more liberal attitude, becoming the go-to for men looking to introduce subtle color to their warm-weather looks.

Pastel Colors SoyMacho

5-. Separation of Suits

Following the recent resurgence of all things couture, more and more of us are beginning to cleverly mix and match our garments such as jackets, vests and trousers with less formal pieces for a refined aesthetic.

The whole joke of this fashion is to take your suit pieces and separate them, putting on pants one day with a t-shirt, the next day a more casual pants with the vest of your suit and thus generate several Outfits that will give you the look that You are a neat but casual and well-dressed brother.

Separate Suits SoyMacho

Remember that we do not sell clothes, but you can improve your outfit with some accessories that you can find here

It is always a pleasure for you to take a look at what we get for you, please, if you have any question about which you have any doubt, you can leave us a comment in any of our Posts and we will try to answer it, if we do not know the answer, we promise to ask you to someone very fregón to help us answer them

his brother

Frederick G.

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    Y para nosotros con poko pelo, cual seria el mejor corte y peinado? Ya que la mayoria de las fotos tienes abundante pelo. Gracias.

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