Why do we look old? Everything you need so that age doesn't hit you


Why do we look old? Everything you need so that age doesn't hit you


Most men don't care about their face, in terms of anti- aging , we worry if we get stuck and someone gives us a black eye, but when you are older the fights are reduced and the wrinkles are increased, here you We will tell you everything you need to know to fight it early.

First of all we have to understand why wrinkles appear and this is because your face and skin begin to gradually lose collagen and plasticity when we grow. We know that the cure for not aging has not been found, but here we give you some tricks to delay it a bit.

First of all it is very important to wash your face with a soap that is not Dove or Axsepsia, it is not that we have anything against them but we do not believe that they are good enough to touch your face. So start with these 3 easy steps to clean the area.

Novaderma Renovalift Eye Cream : Provides intense and long-lasting hydration. Novaderma Renovalift Eye Cream is an eye contour serum with the latest generation anti- aging molecular therapy. It contains in its formula new active ingredients that manage to give definition.

The following helps to correct fine lines, wrinkles and small scars

Keeps the skin hydrated and elastic Depigmenting and Anti-Ageing Gel Celier plus Dermalite is indicated as an anti-aging vitamin C serum that helps correct fine lines, wrinkles and small scars, in addition to keeping the skin hydrated and elastic.


Remember that if you click on any of the images it explains more about the product, so if you have any questions that could be solved, if not please write to us at Federico@soymacho.com , you know I love answering questions.

I hope this short but informative article has been helpful.

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