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To our bros from Soy Macho,

In Mexico we are having an epidemic of beards and mustaches , the current fashion for the use of beards and mustaches comes from Australia, since this icon began to be used as support for prostate cancer; fashion that has been adopted in many parts of the world and in all ages, including babies, right?

The best part is that girls want to be part of this trend and support it, so we must be even more motivated to use it!

Throughout history, mustaches and beards have taken over different characters, they have managed to highlight their names and have left their faces marked in the memory of many.

Surely the following images will surprise you and you will see how important it can be to have a mustache or not to have one.

Albert Einstein
Abraham Lincoln
Sam mustache
Charles Chaplin

Today you will ask yourself , how is it that something that was born as a little fluff on your face during adolescence is now something as important as your mustache?

The mustache is not a simple tuft of hair on the face, it is something that in the eyes of others makes you different, attractive and obviously they will turn to see you.

The Soy Macho brothers want to introduce you to the different types of mustaches that are used today:

The Musketeer mustache will make you look like the famous D'Artagnan, the great member of the 3 musketeers. For this reason, this type of mustache is thin, for which the hair under the nose is shaved so that it grows only a little above the upper lip. A famous Mexican who always used this type of mustache was Pedro Infante.

The Revolutionary mustache is one that you have undoubtedly seen both on the face of some people and in brands of clothing, accessories and other objects of daily life.

The short mustache has special qualities such as a smaller appearance of the mouth. This mustache needs to be very well taken care of. To make this type of mustache clearer, there are very famous people who can help us.

It's just time for you to sport a bold mustache and celebrate as a good Mexican!

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  • Víctor Manuel Martínez Jiménez

    yo no soy de barbas abundante y de vigote extenso, gracias por su atención

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