The benefits of having a beard – Scientifically speaking

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If you don't know them, we don't understand what you are doing without reading this

As many of you know today there is a fashion in which many people like to have a beard , this article is not to tell you if you are right or wrong, in fact, we think it's cool that you have it but we also support the brothers who have its great look without the beard (in addition to the fact that there are many ways to look great without a beard ), the reason for this article is to let you know the benefits of having a beard, in addition to the fact that many women right now are considering it sexy, the beard It has some very cabro$%& benefits that not many people know about. That's why people as slick as Lincoln had a beard.

A study reported by USQ (University of Southern Queensland) found that beards protect from 90% - 95% of UV rays , thus slowing down the aging effects that our beloved sun gives us.

Do you have asthma? We highly recommend you consider growing your beard as particles such as pollen and dust can get stuck in the hairs thus saving you from suffering.

Ingrown hairs , I think we all know that expression, but in reality it is very annoying to have ingrown hairs and the net looks disastrous, it seems that we return to puberty, so leaving your beard eliminates the impurities and infections that they cause.

Beard and Mustache at SoyMacho

It is very important not to believe yourself immortal for having a beard, if you do not take care of your beard and keep it clean it can be worse than any of the situations mentioned above, since a dirty beard can cause infections and a little worse for the simple fact that it is not particles can escape it can spread over the rest of the face, that's why it's important to use a beard soap and a beard oil or tonic .

Remember to share this article with all your brothers who have or don't have a beard to tell them about the benefits of having a well-groomed beard .

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    Que bien que la barba nos sirve de algo

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