A world without a beard

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A world without a beard, what do I do if I don't grow a beard?

During this year they have been telling us that the beard is what you have to wear and the truth is that they are a little right, we must remember that fashion is fashion and like everything happens, but it is not too much to get on the train to see each other well for a while. But the important thing here is not to say that you look bad for not having a beard , but rather the opposite, if you don't have a beard there are many looks you can have without having a beard.

You have to remember that many people don't like beards because they are annoying when kissing or simply because they say they look dirty, so we put together the best looks so you can do yours without problems, in addition to giving you all the tools clearly.

Just try to have a very clean face and very good products for your hair so that you get your style 100%, in many societies they have chosen to define the fact of not having a beard as a symbol of cleanliness and elegance.

So we give you some ideas for you to steal from the most famous and how they rocked their style.

We hope these tips will help you and remember that style is always unique, that's the trick of experimenting, people who don't raffle all look the same.

You already know that if you have a brother who wants to look good, share it with him, we are sure it will help him.

always a treat

Federico G.

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  • Andrés

    Mi duda es….. DONDE VENDEN ESAS MADRES!!!!! Siempre es un viacrucis encontrar esos productos que se ven tan chingones y ya que encuentras la tienda…. AGOTADOS!

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