The 4 steps to the perfect shave, according to a dermatologist


Forget everything your father taught you, it's wrong anyway.


We asked Dermatologist Dr. Terrence Keaney for the perfect shaving routine and he was kind enough to share these 4 steps to perfect skin .

1-. Always shower before shaving.

The water and steam lighten your beard and release dirt and impurities trapped in dead skin cells.

two-. Prepare facial hair for shaving.

Even if you have used the shower before, it is highly recommended to use a pre-shave oil to properly prepare the hair before applying the shaving cream, which must be moisturizing . This will make the hair stand up and make shaving easier, without having to irritate the skin.

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3-. Shave in LESS than 5 minutes.

You want to shave before the skin dries out, loses the nutrients that you gave it through the previous treatment and everything becomes more complicated. It is very important to shave "with the hair" of your hair, ( if you want to know more about it "with the hair" you can see this article ).

4-. Apply an After Shave or a Balm.

When you finish, apply an After Shave lotion WITHOUT ALCOHOL, so you don't hurt the pores. This lotion will do several things like soothe and refresh your skin, as well as moisturize your skin, as during the shaving process your skin becomes very dehydrated.

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I hope you find these tips useful.

always a treat

Federico G.


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