Why do some of us get red beards, or different colors?

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The trend is very hot recently and men who like to show off their bushy beards have received a lot of attention, but the use of facial hair as a style statement has been around forever.


There are thousands of styles: with extravagant mustaches , either long and unkempt or perfectly groomed. The options are endless and each man finds his personality in one of them.


But we are not going to deal with its style or care, but rather we are going to answer something that you have surely asked yourself many times: why do so many men have red beards despite not having hair that color?


A recent study by Viral Thread explains why. And apparently it is quite simple. The specialist of the Center for genetic and hereditary information in the Netherlands, Petra Haak-Bloem explained that the genes that determine hair color are called "incomplete dominant hereditary traits", which means that there is not a single gene that is dominant over the rest. , but that all genes influence each other.


Well... what does it really mean? This means that your hair, your beard can all have different colors. People usually inherit a hair color not only from their parents, but also from their grandparents and ancestors.


As you know, hair color is determined by the amount of melanin it contains. The DNA of people receives the hereditary information about said pigment, but not only about the color, but also the quantity. For example, fair-skinned people have two types of melanin: eumelanin (black pigment) and pheomelanin (red pigment).


More than a decade ago, it was discovered that the MC1R gene plays a crucial role in determining whether people have red hair. When people inherit mutations of these genes, one from the father and one from the mother, pheomelanin becomes eumelanin. The first accumulates the pigment cells and the person ends up being red-haired.


So now you know, the reason so many men have red beards is the MC1R gene mutation.

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  • Gabriel

    Hola buen dia… Lei su publicacion… Muy buena… Pero tengo una consulta… Yo cuando era chiquito tenia rubio el pelo… Alos 4 años ya tenia castaño medio claro…. Pero me quedaron las cejas rubias y cuando me dejo la barba me salen rubias y coloradas…. Me darian una respuesta de que seria?

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