Learn to take care of your hair

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Learn to take care of your hair.

Identify what type of hair you have and learn how to take care of it.


If you feel that you need hydration and you don't
shine, this type of hair is yours.

This type of hair does not produce bait
enough to hydrate. Needs to
special care for its maintenance.

Don't use towel to dry it,
If you use dryer better with cold air.

fine tooth brushes,
they can break it.


If it's greasy and makes you feel dirty,
this type of hair is yours. But do not
Don't worry, I'll tell you how to take care of it.

Look for the hair shampoo
fat is the key.

Avoid using gels or waxes.

Don't brush it too much
(a literal pass).

Do not use hot water to wash it.


If you feel that your hair is a bit oily
occasions and in others, dry or normal, this is
your hair type

Use a mild and special shampoo.

Comb through damp hair.

Have fun with the waxes and gels.

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